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Which would be better for me? Apple TV or WD TV Live

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by slipper, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Here is my situation. I have a Macbook Pro which compared to a desktop is fairly limited on HD space. Recently i ripped my DVD collection to my external hard drive. I plan to use the "media player" :)apple:TV or WD TV) almost only for video and youtube. I prefer to keep it in the family however i have a few concerns:

    1. Although my DVD collection isnt very big it'll take up almost all my internal HD space.

    2. The fact that my only computer is a notebook, it will often be closed in sleep mode which i assume in sleep mode the :apple:TV cannot access my information.

    3. I prefer not to have my external HD connected to my notebook since it no longer makes my portable a portable.

    Are there any work arounds you folks can think of so i can stick with the Apple TV. Or should i just bite the bullet and get the WD TV Live?
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    It would be helpful to know what format you've ripped your DVDs to and how much external storage space you're using.

    If you do not want to run the files directly from the laptop, either the old Apple TV or the WD TV are your only choices. I have modded my old ATV to use a 320GB hard drive, which is the largest PATA 2.5 available.
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    Its MP4 format. Good idea, i'll check the local craigslist for used Apple TVs
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    If you have purchased anything from Apple that has DRM protection TV Shows, Movies... Then really Apple TV would be your only choice. WD TV Live won't play any DRM'd Apple purchases. Or wouldn't last time I checked. If you have a Airport Extreme or Time Capsule I've heard of people attaching an External HDD to them and using that External HDD for storing their iTunes Library. I've heard of some people having stutter issues... but may be worth looking into.

    my 2 cents...
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    That is another really good idea. Thanks! Can i attach an external HD to an Airport Express? I am in the amrket for another wireless router, but i dont think i can afford $180+tax

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