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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ruane89, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Hiya, as always things get damaged with wear and tear but my mac book is suffereing from alot of wear and tear. No.1 the battery is not flush against the rest of the machine. the casing on the bottom part at the front bits have come of either side. Now there is a cracks either side where the magnets are at the top case. when closed at the back of the macboo there are cracks as well. Since im student i got special deal for the 3years apple care. Would this be eligable for repair under that or am i going to be left with a battereed macbook
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    Depends on if the cracks have been caused by you or not, truthfully.

    A little while ago, Apple acknowledged that some white MacBooks had plastic casings that weren't the best designed, where they would crack or break in some places. This was especially noticed on the top case of the computer:


    As long as your computer meets Apple's requirements for a replacement of these parts, Apple will fix your computer regardless if it is in or out of warranty. You'll need to either visit an Apple Retail store or call AppleCare at 1-800-275-2273.
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    same cracks as mine. How long does it take them to fix it
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    If you take it to an Apple Retail store, they fix a lot of repairs in-house. If they happen to have the parts available, they may be able to get it done in a couple days.

    If you send it to Apple (via AppleCare), they'll overnight a box to you, in which you can put your computer. Send it back to them (shipping and everything is free), and they'll get it taken care of in about four to five days.

    Either works great. And it's free, too.
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    brilliant. i have upgraded the ram so i take it will have to put the orginal back in??
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    No, you shouldn't have to worry about that. If you mail it to them, they may ask if you've upgraded it ahead of time, just in case they need to change something there.
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    My case is cracked just like in the above picture. Even tho my computer has been out of warranty for over a year, they will still fix it?
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    Shawny D

    I had the EXACT same crack on my right palmrest.

    Despite the fact that my MacBook is nearly three years old and clearly out of warranty, I was still able to get it fixed for free last month!

    I took it into my Apple Store and the Genius acknowledged that this is a known common problem with these polycarbonate MacBooks and that they would not only replace the inner-casing where the crack was, but the keyboard as well!

    As a result, my MB looks brand-new (on the inside, anyway). Even better, they had the replacement parts in stock, so I only waited for an hour for them to make the swap. :D
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    If you choose to take it in-store, they got my out-of-warranty and non-Apple Care-covered Mac fixed up in under 2 hours (7-10 days quoted) because they had the parts in stock. Great Apple service as ever.
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    My girlfriends computer had a crack in it, and on top of that it froze and stopped booting when she was trying to do an update. Next morning I called the store when they opened at 10am, booked an appointment with a genius at 11:45 (in Vancouver), brought the computer in, the girl forced the update from an external drive and fixed the booting problem in about 20 minutes, they had a top case (keyboard/trackpad) in the back, took the computer, fixed it that day, and I picked it up at around 8pm the same day.

    Really good service.

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