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White or black iPhone 5 for a man

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Tbdbuckeyeitl, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Should a man carry a white iPhone 5 due to the scratchin and scuffing on the back. If I get a black one will an otterbox protect it or will it scratch in an otter box as well. Is it better to just get white and be done with it.
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    Black only if you have no self esteem nor confidence.
    Black or white if you have either or both.
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    It's vary from people to people.

    Just go for which one your heart tells you to.

    At most, if you can't decide, blindfold yourself and swap both of them in your hands. Then take the one you end up with.:)
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    White cars are by and large the most popular car color, and most fleet trucks (service trucks, construction worker vehicles) are painted white too.
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    Being a man should have no effect on which color iPhone yet get. Just get the one that you think looks better.
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    i got me a white iPhone 5 and the ladies like it :p
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    Let me rephrase my question. Should the scuffs and scratches be enough to cause a careful (OCD) person t get a white over black. Will an otterbox scratch the iPhone.
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    Personal preference - get what you like
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    It might.

    Why not take some rough grit sandpaper to the phone so that the scratches don't show? :D
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    Otterbox will scratch and probably further damage your phone (re: bend, plastic leeching)
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    I remember when I got my iPhone 4S last year and there was a guy next to me waiting in line talking about the iPhone and which capacity to get and I mention the color white and he goes "I don't have enough swag for that." Really? Most people slap a case on it anyway so it wouldn't matter

    To each his own
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    Definitely get the white and don't use a case...
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    If you don't know what you want, maybe you should be happy with what you have and get nothing.
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    Nobody will question your sexuality based on the color of your phone. If it feels good, do it.
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    Just get the damn phone you want. Also just because you're careful does not mean you're OCD. I don't see the point of throwing that in there unless you actually do have it, in which case I'm sorry. Just so tired of seeing people throw it around.
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    I think black
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    I'm a guy and just picked up the white myself. Ordered online and got the email that it was ready about 30 minutes later.

    Was torn initially btwn white and black. There are so many blacks out there and the white really does look crisp and clean, so I went for that.

    Next decision is whether to get a case. Perhaps a Poetic Atmosphere with a screen protector, but am open to suggestions.
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    White. I like the clean look. The black looks too dull in person.
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    Whichever color you like more than the other.
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    I had a black 4, i had a white 4s, now i got a black 5... i was glad to get away from the white for some reason, looks much better any how!
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    A man does not need others to make a decision for him!
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    That was beautiful.
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    I personally prefer black and always have in terms of devices.
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    I put a case on my white iPhone so I don't have to see the scratches on it that I caused. I never dropped any of my iPhones so much until now for some reason. Luckily I have applecare+ so, if I continue dropping it like crazy I can just have it replaced for the $49.
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    I wish I had gotten the white one...I see a lot of people (male and female) who have white and it looks better (naked). But I use a case on mine so it doesn't really matter. One thing that turned me off the white was because the black from the letterboxing of apps (some of mine still aren't updated) is harsher against the white phone.

    But gender shouldn't matter with regard to what color phone you get...

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