Whither Rumors?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by NHMac, Aug 28, 2004.

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    So where are the rumors? A scant 4 days till MW paris and there seems to be no gossip to be had. Instead we get news about battery recall? That stuff is covered elsewhere... I want rumors not news. Arn where are you?
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    arn has a life and doesn't go around hunting for rumors. head on over to spymac.com, buy their spy glasses, then book a ticket to cupertino and see what you can discover.

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    The unfortunate reality is that there really isn't a slew of new rumors floating about this time, especially since Apple removed the speculation aspect of the iMac having a G5. There are other rumors floating about - the TabletMac (which I'm not believing, personally) a 60 GB iPod model, etc. that's been posted previously. Past that, there's not much to report.
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    It seems like apples efforts to clamp down have taken its toll over the past few years on sites such as this...

    Sites like Gizmodo and engadget also seem to be paying a lot of attention to Mac stuff these days.
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    Agreed, you can't really post what isn't there. I'd rather get the news here and legitimate (for the most part ;)) discussion than made up stuff and random speculation. Sometimes there are lulls in the rumor game. And it always seems like there's someone here to point it out. :p

    BTW, like the new avatar Mudbug.
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    thanks... figured I was doing quite a bit of work around here, might as well show some of it ;)

    Rumor roundup will be posted soon.
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    yessss! i think the rumor roundups should be posted in western theme. like
    "so-and-so says they think we'll hear bout that imac at sundown, but our posse reckons it'll come at sunup on toosdey."

    Lee Tom
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    Why just rumors?

    Why does it just have to be rumors on page 1? It isn't in fact. eg the iMac G5 announcement or VPC 7 etc.
    I've noticed MacRumors doesn't seem to be posting as much news lately as they seemed to use to.
    For instance, I thought the "Apple files for trademarks on iWork, ProBand and Pods" news was worthy of Page 1 - especially since not only is it news, but it starts a whole lotta rumors!

    So I visit MacMinute and MacBytes for news now.

    Also, I notice the Poll is rarely updated these days... There was no poll asking about Tiger and now no poll asking about the iMac. In fact, there's only been 2 polls in the last 2 months. Why is that?

    Besides that, I love MacRumors and it is still my browser's homepage.

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