Who actually uses their iMac remote?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by wordmunger, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Now that Apple's selling an iMac without a remote (the $999 17-incher), I was just curious as to how many folks who own iMacs that came with remotes actually use theirs.

    I played with mine for a few minutes when I first got the computer, but since then, I haven't touched it. Seems to me that this is an idea that never really took off. Of course, perhaps Apple's new service they're announcing next week will change all that....
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    I intend to use mine all the time when I lie on my bed/the floor and watch DVDs. Hurrah!
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    I use it a lot with my MB. Proves handy while watching movies or playing iTunes.
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    I use mine with both my EyeTV and when I'm watching DVDs.
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    I use mine all the time. I'd say i use its about the same amount as I do the keyboard and mouse. i use it for itunes mainly but also movies the odd time.
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    My main activity with the remote is picking it up because it fall off with the slightest bump which happens often as I am constantly plugging in my camera and camcorder.
    I have used it as a remote maybe 2 times and those were both in the first week of ownership.
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    When my iMac works I use it a lot, my Mac is my TV, my Hi-Fi (digital out to 5.1 amp) and my home movie system and much more.... I would kill for a 24" screen though!
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    I use mine a lot. I don't watch broadcast TV, only DVDs and shows downloaded from iTMS. My iMac is in a location that makes it very comfortable/convenient to watch things on it. So, I use my remote and Front Row all the time. I listen to music via Front Row often as well.
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    I use it now and again when watching DVDs, listening to music or looking at photos.
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    Same here for DVDs
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    I use mine all the time. I'd even go as far to say that I use it more than my mouse or keyboard! I always have iTunes running and if I am not feeling a song, I just hit next on the remote.

    That, and it's nice to change songs and such when I am on the other side of the room. :)
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    You know, that's a good point. Why didn't they put the magnet on the other side?
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    mines still in the box, unused. i used the one with my mbp once when i got it and once when i was trying that alarm thing, can't remember what it was called.
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    Scarlet Fever

    i use it a fair bit. Its great for when i'm playing my bass in the main room, i can just press back to go back to the start without touching my computer.

    By the way, that alarm program is called iAlarmU.
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    Rarely use it...don't he the need since I have my Logitech LV400 wireless notebook mouse...!!!
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    A lot. I watch almost all my movies etc in Front Row/iTunes.
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    I use the remote with my MacBook Pro fairly often. It works great for controlling music playback when I am across the room. :)
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    Movie Trailers

    You have to use the remote if you want to watch the movie trailers. I know, you can just use Safari and go find them but Front Row is so much better.

    Also since it has been available for EyeTV, I use it all the time. The eye candy of the interface is nicer than the default EyeTV interface. I like remote better than the EyeTV remote.
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    same here--and it works with my Hi-Fi :cool:
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    I use it mostly to control itunes or a movie from my treadmill when I am running...
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    I use it to watch a couple TV eps on my computer at night... then use it to put the computer to sleep... overall quite handy.
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    I use it quite a bit, but the range isn't particularly good, at least in the room I have the iMac in. The remote doesn't control the iMac from the dining table ~12 feet away, but does from the sofa ~9 feet away...

    One of these years I'll find a decent universal learning remote under $100 to replace my late Sony RM-VL900.

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