who bought a powerbook shortly after the paris expo?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tekmoe, Oct 6, 2005.

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    do you regret it now? :p
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    Thanks for the great topic.

    I didn't buy a PB myself but a) you're not even sure if there will be new PB's b) The people who bought a PB got a nice machine. Sure it could've been better, but I doubt they're disappointed with the performance of the current line-up. The people who need that much power so that the current PB's wouldn't meet their needs definitely didn't get one after the Paris expo.
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    at least those who bought one were relieved of the manic, obsessive compulsive behavior exhibited by many who check sites like these multiple times, daily. They're probably healthier, happier, and put their hand to the plow. We're all slaves of SJ's madness marketing schemes.
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    I bought one about a week or 2 before Paris and couldn't be happier.
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    no need to get testy. I'm only collecting research data...
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    It just seemed as if you were mocking those who bought the PB's
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    What :p gave :p you :p that :p impression :p :confused:
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    I dunno :p it just did :p
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    Actually i got it 1 and a half week before the expo and i couldnt be happier as well.. why? Well i got the ipod mini rebate.. and i higly doubt the upate will be worth the 180 bux! Only thing i will wish i had if it comes with the update is a bit of a nicer screen.. siting next to me is my roomies toshiba quoismo..and that screen is just plain sexy! but i already started using my lappy in classes and i'm fine with it!
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    If there is a update... i commend ppl for waitin it out!
    but i assure you i would not have spent 1500 bux if i didnt think it was worth it!
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    yeah & no

    Got a refurb but it was warped so I returned it, bought a regular one & quickly cancelled order once i heard of the imminent release.

    As I was ready to buy the current model ANY update to the machine will be a bonus unless they increase the price.

    ahhh so glad I waited a couple of weeks............
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    seems to me you were just trying to be an asshat...

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