Who cares about Open Darwin closing down?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by DavidCar, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I care. I was very upset about it.
  3. jhu
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    i did, but now i'm in the process of getting rid of my mac.
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    Why do you care? The purpose of my question was to explore the implications.
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    I'm upset, but more because I like Hexley the Platypus and have him on my PowerBook desktop :(

    Seriously though, it is a shame. Some UNIX people will leave the Mac because of this, which in the long run hurts Apple.
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    I care for the lose of the DarwinPorts software repo for OS X, I understand why the guys are closing it down though they really did want to create an OpenDarwin OS but that was always going to be over shadowed by OS X. If you look at the mailing lists for the OpenDarwin OS you'll see heaps of clone PC users asking if they can get the OS X GUI to work with it. Like I said I am sad for the lose of DarwinPorts for OS X, but the rest of the projects didn't interest me at all.
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    I understand DarwinPorts is very much alive, as well as WebKit and Darwine, etc. I assume Darbat also. They just have to find other homes.



    "An announcement today from our friends at OpenDarwin (http://
    www.opendarwin.org) breaks the news that they are planning to shut
    down and cease operations.

    Since the DarwinPorts project is hosted at OpenDarwin, this clearly
    affects us in some ways. But we want to be clear that OpenDarwin's
    news should not be seen as a threat to the DarwinPorts project, which
    is alive and well, and with plenty of good life ahead of it."

    (end of quote)

    It is pointed out at the TUAW ref that Apple Open Source is also very alive, and by following the link I see that they have released source code in both PPC and x86 formats, which confuses me because I had heard the x86 code was not being released by Apple.

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    Unfortunately, the OpenDarwin people are correct; it hasn't come even close to accomplishing its goals, for a variety of reasons. I'm sure the projects that were succeeding (ports, webkit, etc...) will have little trouble finding new homes.
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    After G

    I am glad that Apple hasn't turned its back on the open-source community, in that they released buildable source. I was surprised, since a few months ago I read that Apple wasn't releasing anything and people were getting pissed off because of it.
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    Particularly with Apple, people invent conspiracies out of almost anything. In this case, it was a pretty reasonable thing to be suspicious of... outside of the webkit team and a few other smaller ones, Apple's attitude towards OSS has never been that enthusiastic. It's nice to see that the reasonable explanation (that they had some stuff they wanted to do before letting the public see it) turned out to be the correct one.
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    Im not really worried about a single project closing down, but its good that webkit and a few others are still open source, apple can profit from being open... just wonder if they would ever admit that, or are they simply continuing to release source to have some good will in the OSS community?
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    The WebKit team, at least, gratefully acknowledges their OSS contributors :) They're really a model team for the rest of Apple, imo... hopefully the lesson is being learned.

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