Who do you look like?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by mkrishnan, May 4, 2006.

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    So you upload a picture, and it matches you to celebrity faces. :)

    I used this picture:


    I got Brooke Shields, Matthew McConaughey, Natalie Imbruglia, Vivien Leigh, Justin Timberlake, Liv Tyler, and Heidi Klum. All about in the 74-75% range. Brooke was #1.

    And Timberlake and I totally had the same facial expression. :D

    EDIT: Oh, I found it. :D Can I put these side-by-side? Apparently not.

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    Uh, M. Night Shyamalan.


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    Heheheheh...nice. :)
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    If it doesn't come up with Judge Reinhold for me.. then I'm quitting and going home.

    It didn't come up with anything.. I'm going home. SULK.
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    Really? :eek:

    You put in a picture of your *face*, right? I know the impulse to upload a picture of your butt is overwhelming, but resist it, my friend! ;) :D
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    ass, face, it's all the same. :)
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    No Safari?

    Up yours. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah! It says I look like Joe Strummer.
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    I got:

    Ricky Martin//74%
    Lisa Lopes//61%


    & the rest are dumb 'cause they are 31%.



    I'm gonna take a better picture later & do it again 'cause right now that picture looks like a mug shot.

    I'm even a mix of both of their nationalities!
    (well I'm missing one, but include theirs)
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    I used this one (couldn't find too many with a straight head shot) and I got in order of accuracy:

    Rani Mukherjee, Alyssa Milano, Kareena Kapoor, Ashley Olsen (ugh), Tim Curry, Shlomo Artzi, Jessica Lange, Jaques Rogge, Uri Geller and John Cusack.

    With this one I got:

    Penelope Cruz, Brigette Bardot, Lindsey Lohan (ugh), Alyssa Milano (again), Cheryl Tweedy, Isabel Allende, Christian Bale, Bipasha Basu (yum), Clint Eastwood (wtf??), Beyoncxe Knowels.

    No Bettie Page like I was hoping though. :(
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    Awwww, well, I see it, even if they don't, cutie. :)
  13. Lau

    How fun. I used my passport photo, and was slightly disturbed to be matched to Ronaldo and Mary-Kate Olsen. :eek:

    However, it redeemed itself by then matching me to Audrey Tautou, (big <3 there), Sean Astin, who has a nice face, and Susan Sontag. :)
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    I got Nigel Short (chess prodigy), Linus Torvalds, and Hugo Weaving. I'm not sure how Linus got in there because I don't look anything like him.
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    arghh nice software

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    I used this picture:
    ..and got Jussi Bjorling


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    I have no male matches.

    But I am 63 percent Jennifer Love Hewitt. Must be because of her receding hairline.

    Picture 1.png

    Further reason for me to doubt the existence of gender ...
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    i totally know i don't look like anybody popular in american culture

    my wife calls me hotei and i guess that is most accurate if you need to put me up against a well known celebrity

    hotei was a bhuddist monk of old who gave gifts and traveled and is used as a good luck charm in chinese restaurants
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    Here's my pic. My friend took is last night.

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    I look like me....the product of my parents.

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    Mike Teezie

    I used:


    And got:

    Leslie Caron, Enrique Iglesias, Christian Bale, Billy Bob Thorton(?) Demi Moore, Peter o' Toole, and my personal favorite....50 Cent! Man, I really did laugh out loud at that one!

    Cool site...
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    Well, erm, have you been hit with a few shells, and do you not walk with a limp? :eek: ;) :D

    "They like me, I want them to love me like they loved 'Pac"
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    I posted this pic:

    And got:

    -Nick Carter (70%)
    -Julianne Moore (66%)
    -Cary Grant (66%)
    -Prince Henry of Whales (64%)
    -Vin Diesel (64%)
    -Jude Law (62%)
    -Chad Michael Murray (61%)
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    The highest I got was 57%...
    Hugh Jackman, Miguel Indurain, Frank Lampard, D H Lawrence, Ludwig Erhard, Kris Kristofferson, Joaquin Phoenix​
    What is interesting is which picture that it chooses of the celebrity to show. The Lawrence image (for example) was when he was very young.

    Lucky for me, my wife happens to have a crush on Hugh Jackman. ;)

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    I got..... in order from most relevant to least relevant...

    Michelle Pfeiffer (does look kinda like me, 72%), Mena Suvari, Mary-Kate Olsen, Tara Reid (looks kinda like me), Natalie Portman, Audrey Tatou, Nastassja Kinski, Emily Dickinson, Jacqueline Bisset, Asia Argento....

    EDIT: Btw, I'm pissed that it didn't give me Gwyneth Paltrow... ;)

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