Who else HATES hot weather here?

Discussion in 'Community' started by RalfyRojas, Jun 15, 2005.

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    Here in NJ we've had a few days with 90+ weather, and man I cannot stand it. I have to stay in my room all day with the AC or else I will start dripping from every part of my face. I have this condition called Hyperdrosis that only affects about 1% of the population(I know, lucky me :mad: ) and unfortunately it's very debilitating because of the social stigma of someone constantly dripping sweat from their face. I don't mind sweat if I'm exercising, but imagine walking to the store a block away and by the time you get there your face is drenched in sweat. Some people are worst off then me and also have it in their hands and other places, but it seems like my condition exacerbates in the summer and right now it's wreacking hell on my life. I need money to pay for my bills, and to save enough to finally move out on my own(I'm almost 20), but I can't get a damn JOB because of this disgusting disease. I've never understood the alure of moving to FL or CA just for the weather, if I had a choice I would live in Alaska! Anyone else feel the same way or are one of the "lucky" few to have to go about their lives with HH?
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    Remove the humidity and it is not so bad.
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    I live in SW Florida and today when I got in my car to grab a sandwich for lunch I thought I was gonna die. It felt like about 150°. Probably was (in my car) :eek:
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    it's not heat that gets you it is humidity. a 40 degree celcius day is much more comfortable when it is a dry heat, a 25 degree celcius day is terrible in high humidity, thankfully it is not to bad here, nut in the tropics it is terrible
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    I don't mind it much. I sweat a lot when its hot but I cope. I prefer the cool. Somewhere between 50 and 60.

    As for moving to AK right now its in the 80s in Anchorage.
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    Well the average temp is alot cooler there. Any place where you don't get 90 degree summers would be better. Have you ever tried eating at a restaurant with sweat dripping down your face? Not the most pleasant thing you could experience...
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    I could really do with any temperature that is common in California, Bay Area. It just depends on the activity you're doing, like if you're outside doing doing construction, 70 would be better than 90. But if you're swimming 90 might be better than 70.

    But one thing for me though during the hot summer nights is sleeping. I have a hard time sleeping on warm nights. If the air condition is on, then it's ok, but if it's not, it'll take me a while to fall asleep, usually. During the Winter, the cold weather makes me sleep better, and hearing the rain pound on my window helps me sleep to. But right now the weather is crazy. It's supposed to rain tomorrow in the middle of June! :eek:
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    Dude. I hate light. I hate summer. I hate the sun. Everyone always says "it's the humidity" and they're totally wrong. The problem with everything is the stupid sun.

    I lived in Bangor, Maine for a little while and I remember that in December the sun used to start setting around 3 in the afternoon -- you could even see the beginnings of the sunset around 2:30. Those were the days.

    Of course, as Frank O'Hara wrote:
    "The sun doesn't always set, sometimes it just disappears."
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    You sissies. :rolleyes:

    Come down to the New Orleans area if you wanna feel what smothering heat and humidity is. Today is 98 degrees with 100% humidity. I did my excercises today by the hardest. The air is so heavy you can't breathe normaly and get warn out 75% faster.
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    I hate light too. My ex-coworker comes over sometimes and he'll joke and call me Dracula, because I don't like going out during the daytime. I cover the only window in my room with a large black garbage bag so no light seeps in. I guess I'm just naturally a night owl. When I had cable my favorite show was Insomniac with Dave Attel because of the night owl lifestyle that I wish I could have. BTW Maine sounds like my kinda place, is that located in the NorthWest? I'm planning on moving to Montana or the one of the bordering states when I get older. I hear the weather is more forgiving there.
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    Note to self: NEVER go to New Orleans. :eek:
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    Most of the South East is really bad. NYC even gets pretty hideous.
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    Sweating is good for you sometimes...
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    toronto summers are the worst, they're so goddam humid, everything sticks to everything. worst experience ever. and that last couple weeks we've had rele hot temps for this time of year, around low 30º C which is high 80's low 90's F, but it feels like above 40 with the humidity. lucky for me i have a pool :D
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    mad jew


    Yeah, it gets rid of toxins.

    Happy times! :)

    We're moving into winter here and to be honest, I love having the seasons. I'm glad we get warmish summers (tops out at about 40°C) and coolish winters (bottoms out at about 10°C).
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    Mr. Anderson

    I sweat when its hot out or I'm active - more than most, in general, I think. But the heat doesn't bother me.

    Alaska is great - and you might get a few warm days in the cities, but it cools down at night. Summer is quite nice and for some reason, 80 in Anchorage doesn't feel like 80 in the lower 48....

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    Michigan Sucks to the weather is so unpreidcatable. For the past 2 weeks it has been 90 just about everyday, mabey 1 or 2 in the 80s, but still hot becuase of the humidity but not that bad untill my I started my 2 cross country practices a day in the morning and at night, by then your shorts feel like you went and jumped in water it is nasty. Luckily today wasnt bad it went down to 60(? :D ) and I was happy.

    I to hate the sun light. I put giant towels over my bedroom windows to keep all the suns light out. I just cant stand it. I love the cloudy rainy days my parents think im screwed up for that.
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    Yes, SOMETIMES. Not all the time, literally. I don't mind sweating up a storm if I'm working out, it's just not what I want to be doing if I'm talking to people outside of an AC environment. I had to quit my warehouse job because of excessive sweating...and this was in the winter! Just imagine what I had coming once summer came around.(They don't have AC there)
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    I do believe this is a first.

    heat + humidity + wind factor = heat index

    Today's heat index in New Orleans.....112 degrees :eek:
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    Today's heat here in Palm Springs, California was 112 degrees. That is without the heat index.

    We were playing football in our stadium today, and there was literally NO breeze at all. It was humid also, and the grass was JUST cut, so it smelt of dead grass.

    It was probably about 125 degrees (including the factors).

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    Polar Ice Caps?
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    You mean they are going to melt? Or that it is really cold there...

    I don't believe in the Global Warming. Sure, the Earth is getting hotter, but I believe it is just one of the stages that the Earth is going through, it does this every couple hundred thousand years or so.
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    Duff-Man says...I lived in Toronto for many years and *hated* the hot and humid summers...and I dread it when I have to travel there (or, more frequently, Ottawa) during that time of year. Actually, I hate it there in the winter too when it is freezing cold. As far as I am concerned there is usually only 2 months or so of nice climate in that part of the country - May and September (give or take a week or two around there). Out here in Victoria the summer is sunny, warm but not too warm - even when we get that week where the temperature gets up over 80 there is little humidity and it cools off most nights...very very nice and much more to my liking....oh yeah!
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    Yes, I'm an incredibly lucky person.

    Did I mention that Hyperhidrosis goes well with Social Anxiety Disorder and chronic depression? :(
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    I used to live in Atlanta. Boy, those summers were pretty bad. Now I'm in nice, cool San Diego. Ahh...America's Finest City... :cool:
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