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Who has paid $30 for any Ambrosia software games?

Discussion in 'Games' started by medea, Oct 25, 2002.

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    I mean is it just me, or is Ambrosia making a mistake charging so much for their games? most of those things look like they should be freeware, or at least a resonable price.:confused:
    Do you guys agree?
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    I have purchased:

    Escape Velocity Nova

    Their games are great and definitely worth the money, IMHO
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    I have purchased:
    EV Nova
    EV Override (and got a free copy of Mars Rising with it)
    Snapz X (it's not a game but still Ambrosia)
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    Mr. Anderson

    A long time ago, I got EV Override, very much worth, spent hours playing. Nothing recently, although I'll go there every once in a while to see what's new.

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    I paid for EV Nova
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    Only EV Nova. I might get EVO sometime though.
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    heh, I guess maybe it is just me....It just looks to me like most of their games are rehashes of classic arcade stuff, still fun yes, but I just don't think they are worth $30 when a new game for my gamecube is roughly the same price, as are most new games for the computer.
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    I bought

    -Harry the Handsome Executive

    Oldies but goodies!
    I also got bored with EV, all the versions, before buying them, so I never did.
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    Ambrosia is losing business. For $30 bucks i can go down to the store & buy myself 2 gameboy color games.
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    I have played a lot of Ambrosia games (though none recently) and I have never bought any. I was obsessed with that catipillar game for about a year. Copiera or something.
  11. job
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    I think the EV series is well worth the cash.

    I have not played the other series though...
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    I bought EV Nova, also the original EV. i really didnt like override, they made the universe bigger, but it looked like crap and all the cool ship designs from the first one were replaced by 1950's style rockets with solar panels on them
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    EV Override and Nova are both worth $30, but nothing else is that I've seen.
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    I've paid for:

    --Ferazel's Wand ($30 when I got it)
    --EV Nova
    --The Original EV

    I might get Pop-Pop soon. Ambrosia's games are well worth the cash! :D

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