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Who here is getting a MBA with SSD HD?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by steve31, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Who is taking the "RED PILL" and buying a MBA with the solid state drive? Or am I the only one that's foolish?:D $1000.00 for next to no boot time!!!
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    No way. It's a complete waste of money. MBA has more potential than any device in Apple's history to be replaced by something else in a few months. Too many design shortcomings, too high a price.
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    you will have the same boot time, an SSD does not mean a RAM drive, even RAM drives do not have instant boot times, you probably need a CACHE drive for that (cache transfers several terabytes per second, where as ram drives can do several gigabytes, and SSD's can do around 60MB/s, regular HDD's do around 40MB-70MB depending on where the disk is read from.

    although it would be interesting to see 4 SSD's in raid 0.

    BTW SSD's are on newegg for $1500 for the 64GB, cheaper on other online sites. theres even a 128GB for $3000 lol
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    I have seen youtube video's comparing the ssd drive vs a standard hd and the boot time on the solid state is almost twice as fast. I guess I will find out in 2 weeks. I will compare it to my MBP boot time.
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    I ordered one with the SSD. I can't wait.
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    Yeah, but we're only talking 20-30 seconds faster. During normal usage, you'd have to be hitting the drive all the time for it to be really worthwhile - wouldn't it'd be better to just max out the RAM?
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    Compare it to your MBP? Sorry to get personnel, but why exactly are you getting an MBA?
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    Thats what my wife said!! lol I need a small portable for travel and did not want to take my MBP with me so I bought a Blk MB for this but when ever I used it I missed the LED screen and love the backlit key pad the MBP has. So I sold my MB and ordered the MBA. I dont need the GPU or power for the road. Just a lighter machine! Having said that the MBA 1.8 core 2 duo is not that slow and pair it with a solid state drive and it should run close to the same as my MB. I know...sounds "crazy".
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    I don't get why some people say the MBA is underpowered, or slow. It's fast. I have a MB from June, and it has a C2D 2.0 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. The MBA has a C2D 1.6 or 1.8 GHz processor in it, and is much thinner. Smaller laptops have always had much less power than larger laptops. This is no different. In fact, I'm surprised at how powerful they made the MBA.
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    I was also expecting a slower CPU! I am happy it has a 1.8ghz core2 duo
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    I'll be getting a MBA with a SSD also
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    you can add to, take out or even look at the RAM in the MBA.
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    SSD 4 me! :)
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    It's not the processor they are complaining about it's the 4200rpm hard drive and there's no option for a 5400. I was at Macworld yesterday playing with it and it wasn't too bad in speed but iMovie took a while to launch and relaunch. The screen quality is incredible and I'll be getting the SSD model.

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