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Who here is on Dribbble?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by wheezy, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Just curious....

    I got drafted a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it.
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    congrats! still looking to get drafted myself
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    Thanks! I got pretty lucky getting one I think. When (if) I get an invite I'll be sure to post it on here looking for people to consider. Do you have a portfolio somewhere?
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    Love your style. Something I wanna get more into, can't seem to get away from doing the stuff I love to do though
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  7. graphicsward, Dec 27, 2010
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    cool, I hadn't seen that one yet. i'd like to be drafted. thanks.

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    I'm a dribbbler. It's ok but the novelty wears off quick.
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    Dribbble Invite.

    I would love to join the Dribbble community. I am trying to find someone who would like to send me a invite. I have been on their site and saw the incredible work that many people post and I would love to be a part. Can someone either send me an invite or tell me where I can possible get one?
  10. 7on
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    I'm a Dribbble wannabe as well :/ Oh well, I know I'll get in eventually. I just need to get a portfolio online and regularily post things to it.
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    I just checked it out, you've got some really nice stuff on there. :cool:
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    a watcher and a lurker but not a Dribbbler.

    like the idea but not connected.
    on Behance with my stuff though.
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    Dribbble invitations anyone?

    This web seems like the Fight Club, I can get in without invitation.

    I've been register for months but still no invitation, is there any fellow designer in macrumors with some invitation for this poor soul? :p
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    me too

    i've been waiting forever too. i'd like one from some kind soul too, after djrod of course.
  15. rumorsdan, Mar 11, 2011
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