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who here lives in a small town?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, Aug 7, 2004.

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    is your town under 50,000 people, under 25,000 people, under 10,000 people, under 5,000 people, or smaller?

    i live in a northern california region called monterey county which is 130 miles long and about half as wide but only has 300,000 people so it's very sparsely populated

    i live in carmel which has 4400 people and the biggest city nearby is seaside which is seven miles away and has the mall everyone goes to and it's just over 30,000 people
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    I live in a sh**hole caled Sweden (it's the name of a town), in the middle of nowhere, in the state of Maine. It has 300 people, and most of them suck.

    There is no high-speed broadband for 50km out, there is no cell phone service, there are no traffic lights, there are no stores anywhere in the town, and the whole area (this town, almost every town over, and the town nearest to that) is filled with rednecks that live behind cigarettes, a stupid accent, pick-up trucks, a serious lack of responsibility, and mentally-corrupting lateness in terms of expectations as to when they'll show up at your house, complete a job for you, or both. It absolutely sucks!! Maine sucks, because it's filled with such people. I hate it here...I want to move back [to New Jersey], because none of the above hardships got in the way. The only people that aren't like that are the ones that live about 100km south and east near the coast and in the larger cities, like Portland, Westbrook, Saco, and maybe Wells, because they are far more responsible and intelligent than some of the people up in Sweden, Maine.
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    Well, actually...

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    There are only 11 stoplights in my entire county. And I don't even live in the biggest town in the county. And to top it off, last year's national banjo champ lives in my area! I have a 10 minute drive to cell phone service, 30 minutes to the next town that actually has anything.
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    I live in a borough. wich means it is about 2 miles long by 2 miles wide and there is nothing to do. Its called duboistown and its a borough of southwilliamsport, where the litle league world series (glorified traffic jam) is played.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Just moved to Warsaw, Indiana - population 13,000 -

    I have to say its a nice change from all the stress I had in DC :D

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    The town I live in has about 20000 people. We have cell phone coverage and DSL, so I'm happy :)

    There are only a few apartment buildings here, the tallest building in the town is the hospital, 5 storeys.

    Now for the important stuff: We have 2 McDonald's, 1 Burger King, 1 Pizza Hut, 1 KFC and 1 Subway ;)
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    actually it's you who inspired me on this thread

    on another thread, i noticed you lived in a town i had never heard of prompting me to wonder how many macrumors members live in small or relatively unknown cities...thus this thread :)
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    Duff-Man says....I grew up in Toronto - millions of people...when I moved out west to Victoria (less that 300,000 in the "greater" area) it sure felt like a "small town" to me - actually just what the size I wanted - not too big but not too small.....oh yeah!
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    I live in a small town that has NO stoplights. I think we have about 1,000 people in the village, and I think 3000 in the whole township.
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    Oviedo has around 40,000 people, up from 10,000 or so 10 years ago. It's a suburb of Orlando, so it's a part of an area with around 2,000,000 people. Is that complex enough for you?

    I once lived in a town of 7,000 and couldn't blow my nose without someone on the other side of town knowing about it instantly, which was a little close for my perception of reality.
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    I live in Los Angeles, but I'll put in a post on behalf of a man I once met. He lived in the tiny town of Lee Vining, California, population a few hundred.

    Here's the town:


    This man said he had never in his life been further than the town of Bishop, 65 miles south of Lee Vining, whose population was 3,475 in the 1990 census.
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    My town in CT is under 10,00 people i think. We got our first McDonalds in 1996 lol.
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    I live in a rural farming community about 25 miles south of the suburbs of Kansas City. We have DSL from the phone company (tiny town in Missouri 2 miles away). I enjoy having all the space and not having all the noise of suburb life. We have plenty of skunk smell, cow smell, bugs, gravel road dust and wind to spare.

    I work up in "town" and it only takes 30 minutes and there is no traffic. We are staring to pick up a lot of friends and acquaintances as our young kids begin school.

    When I voted during the primary election last week there were two people sitting at a small table right next to each other. I told her my name, signed the book and then she gave me a slip of paper with my political party. I then had to hand it to the lady sitting right next to her to get my ballot. Election rules say that she can't just hand it to her. They laughed and laughed.
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    My town is.... weird. It's home to the Farelli brothers, and Rocco Baldelli (sort of...). Heck, part of it was even in Dumb & Dumber. (although they messed up the timing :D). The town is mostly residential, about 30,000 people. Most of them work in a nearby city, like Boston, Providence, Pawtucket (a Hasbro VP lives right up the street from me, next to my aunt), Woonsocket, etc. Open space has been a concern for some time now, but I don't think the current administration is doing anything to help slow down housing development. What really bugs me about that is the way they build them. Every tree in the area is cut and cleared, leaving nothing for shade (thank God they didn't do that in my neighborhood), then they build the houses as little as 35 feet apart. Then people pay $250k+ for them! :eek:

    Anyways, there are quite a few restaurants, a grand total of 3 bars, no movie theaters, no clubs (except for the Boys & Girls Club ;)), no malls, no nightlife (save those three bars). Everything is located in a neighboring town/city. Malls, movie theaters, car dealerships, you name it, it's not here but pretty damned nearby.

    I hate living in suburbia :(
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    wow, in this day and age that's amazing that he has stayed put that much...how old is he?

    i have a friend who has stayed in northern california his whole life (or 99+ percent of it) and only ventured out three times in his 32 years...a two week trip to vancouver, bc, a two week trip to seattle, wa, and a month long trip to southern california (los angeles)...he has never been more than a hundred miles from the pacific ocean!!! in other words, he has hugged the pacific coastline, or relatively near, of just the west coast of the usa and canada and his personal/political/social viewpoints are often just made from the point of view of his city of 29,000, the five or six surrounding cities, and the far off places up and down highway 1 or highway 101...we live close to the central valley and we live close to the sierra nevada and he has seen neither...next time my wife and i go somewhere outside of his sphere, we should take him ;)

    to me, he is the most insulated person i have ever met in my life...california is a big state so there are probably a lot of people who have gone 30 years or more and have never left its borders...and there must be someone here from hawaii, samoa, or the virgin islands who has lived decades and never set foot outside of their general area
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    I live in a 'burb about five miles south of Green Bay called De Pere. We have about 20,000 people and plenty of little shops and stuff, but nothing entertaining beyond our bowling alley.

    My nightlife here mostly consists of driving around with a friend until about 2 in the morning, looking for people to bother, or driving myself out to Green Bay to see the girlfriend.
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    The town that I currently live in has about 7,000 people (according to the Census), but for a town with that many people, it sure doesn't have a lot in it to do during the evening/weekend.

    I lived a good portion of my childhood in a town of probably 500-1000 people. It's an extremely tiny village, populated mostly by farms. In fact, our house was one of the few non-farm houses in the village. Likewise, nothing to do. My mother can remember, during her high school days, sitting under the bridge with her friends because there was nothing else to do.
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    i live in a village thats pure residential about 50 000 people

    its a suburb of manila which has 12 million i think
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    ok we have 1,280 people as of 2000
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    I think there are that many people in my apartment complex :D okay, slight exaggeration...

    I did note something interesting today: My neighbors to one side are Asian (Korean, I think), upstairs the nieghbors are Hispanic, across the way a lady who is deaf, and around the corner a Muslim couple. WOW!
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    He was middle aged, I'd guess. I think traveling makes you a more interesting person (whether to get out of the big city if you live in one or to go see one if you don't), but when they were handing out the wanderlust, he didn't get his share.
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    Wow, pardon my language, but that really sucks man. I live in central New Jersey so I know about what you probably were used to. Maybe after college or something you can move out and back to NJ.

    Hope you get back home soon, NJ is a pretty nice place to live.

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    Born and raised in a town of roughly 4,000 in Southern Idaho. Okay, technically I was born at the hospital a half hour away in the largest town in Southern Idaho, which is 30,000.

    Basically, there's four parts of Idaho: Eastern, Southern, Northern and the Capital. Eastern has two cities that are roughly 30-40,000, Southern has a town of 30,000, Northern has nothing bigger than around 20,000 (and that's only one) and then the Capital. This area (where I currently reside) is around 300,000.

    But I'm still a small-town boy raised on a farm 15 miles away from anything, which my dad still owns and runs.

    Ahhh...the good ol' days...
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    i live in Dornbirn an austrian small town with a little bit under 50.000 people and it's the biggest town in Vorarlberg..if you want a bigger one you have to drive across the border into switzerland or across the mountains into Tyrol (innsbruck,where i study, has about 125.000 ) or across the border to germany

    and i added a picture: the red dot is approx. our house
    sadly sight was bad and the mountains on the swiss side are invisble and the lake constance as well


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