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Who here loves the G3 Laptops over G4&Intels?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by applefan1997, Mar 17, 2006.

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    I personally love the G3 laptops. Something about them makes me look at them and think 'wow, Apple invented that in 1999? I own a Indigo FireWire iBook, and absolutely love it, especially in Mac OS 9.1. The G4's(especially Aluminums) just look plain, and are TOO popular. A G3 also, believe it or not, turns heads, because They were seldom seen. Apple became extra-popular with the iPod, when G4's and 500MHz+iBooks were available.
    What do YOU think?
    The only G3 laptops I cannot stand are the 12 inch WallStreets, and Oh, god, the Blueberry and Tangerine iBooks. I have owned both(except the tangerine), and did not like either.
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    I guess you are saying you love the Lombard and some clamshell iBooks?

    Clamshells are a bit too much "colorfulness" for me. Even when they first came out. I guess a graphite colored 466mhz would be okay, home, alone, but not in public! Too dated. Well, hold on to them for another few years and maybe they'll be so ugly they'll be cool again.

    Titaniums do it for me. I did like an old G3 600mhz 14" iBook back in the day. And the old old powerbook 100 line. And the G4 albooks -- I'm on a 12" 1.5ghz as i type. It's pretty snazzy lookin'. The bigger albooks look overbuilt to me but I've never used one up close and personal.

    Hold on to your indigo thing. What mhz is it?
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    Yes, I love the Lombards(and pismos) and certain clamshells. I cant stand the 15 inch powerbooks.
    I have used nearly every mac model since 2002(gone to the Apple Store). I remember going there one day, and used a 900MHz G3 iBook. I went back the next day, and a 933MHz iBook G4 was there- I never read that the G4 had been released.

    The 466 Graphite iBooks are nice(I owned one), but The gray begins yellowing more than the others, and appears a nasty green over time.
    My iBook is at 366MHz. I carry it in public. Actually, it's next to me at the library now, playing music. I think I might sell it and get a 600MHz iBook(the only other one I like, because of size).
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    I've always thought the clamshells were extremely ugly- they remind me of the big colorful mac desktops (don't know name) we used to have at my elementary school. I have trouble taking them seriously as serious computers. Don't the G3 ibooks have a lot of logic board problems? Though the TiBooks were just brilliant.
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    The big colorful desktops were the iMac G3's, and the iBooks were supposed to be 'iMacs to go', as said by Apple in 1999. The clamshell iBooks didnt have logic board problems. That were the 'Dual USB' iBooks, coming in 500,600,700,800, and 900Mhz G3's. I do see what you're saying. My school still uses them.
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    Oh I didn't mean the clamshells had logic board problems. :) Well since the last time I've even seen a "colored" mac (desktop or laptop) has been 7 years ago, I associate them as being for younger kids. A wrong assumption I know, but I just can't help it!:p
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    Maxx Power


    The design of the Pismo is probably the best apple ever came up with, expandable, upgradable, light, durable and just a hint of styling and not making a rebelious fashion statement, in a conformist's way. Wouldn't ever buy another Apple portable unless they make them more user accessible, apple gotta learn that if they treat end users as idiots who can't change their hard drives by themselves then that's all the customers they will get - the people who don't know, or don't have a friend who knows how to swap a few parts.
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    The Pismo and Lombard form factor had some nice features (expansion bay(s), dual batteries) that no PowerBook since has matched. Apple really hasn't had a "desktop replacement" notebook in its lineup since the Pismo was discontinued.

    I hope that, when the remaining G4 products are replaced, Apple seizes the opportunity to add some new form factors which restore the lost features. And for that matter, I wouldn't mind seeing some black-anodized PowerBooks again.
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    while i certainly agree the pismo was a beautiful machine, clamshell iBook gets my vote for ugliest mac ever :cool:
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    I used my Pismo from when I got it in 1999 up until 2005, when I got my 12" Powerbook. In some ways, I wish my 12" was more like my Pismo... but when I have to wait almost 30 seconds to launch Safari, Word or iTunes... I like my 12" a lot more.
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    My absolute favorite Mac notebook is 15 inch PowerBook G4 Aluminium. Its a king! :) :cool:
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    Guess i am the biggest pismo fan ever :)

    Have been using one as main machine for about 4 years, it's still going strong and does everything i need on the road. even got a 2nd one since they are cheap now.

    With 2 new batteries i get more than 10 hours (WLAN on, surfing, office work, itunes) + i've had the fans kick in 2-3x in all those years.

    I also like the looks a lot + it proves i have been on the mac before the ipod ... .
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    max. the RAM and keep them running -> no wait ;)
    but yeah, it's not a speed devil
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    To the op: No Way!

    The G4 Powerbooks are the best looking laptops ever to grace a computer desk. I hope the MacBooks continue in that tradition.
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    i like their metal surface, too, but it's not only about the looks. the design is actually a step back in terms of expandabilty, features and hardware access. go change the backlight on a tibook and you know what i mean. absolutely zero advantages beside the great look.
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    I just bought a PISMO on eBay.. it's in the Post.

    I love them. I love their form factor more than anything else, it's something PC manufacturers are yet to copy - the sleekness of a PISMO.

    I agree too that the AlBooks are slightly... normal with a bit of razmataz, otherwise just normal rectangular notebooks.
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    I also appreciated the design of the Pismo model.
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    Orlando Furioso

    Although the original Tibooks stood out amongst the crowd (when they first appeared), I still went for the Pismo for all it's expandability and overall sexiness. I still use it to this day and absolutely LOVE IT. Pismos rock! Tibooks drool... I'm kidding, they also exude a lot of sensual goodness.

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