who here sells real estate?

Discussion in 'Community' started by slipper, Jan 28, 2004.

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    what are your tips on getting new clients? any marketing ideas?
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    You could always advertise free houses... :D
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    If you lived in the area, you could advertise in my newspaper.
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    I guess reputation is one of the most important (and most difficult to gain) attributes needed for real estate. Since you would be starting from scratch I would suggest an aggressive/different fee structure. I would not advocate going out to undercut the opposition, but how about something like a fee that drops slightly after each month a property has been on the market?

    Once you get a few clients I would spend some money on decent advertising for the properties. Something eye catching. And when the sales begin to happen, make sure you have a few properties in your window or add with the magic sold sign on.

    I don't know about your personal experience in realty, but I would make a play of any you have "15 years in the real estate business" etc.
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    what type of marketing do you guys suggest? i was gonna send out postcards on the personal side to my friends and family and maybe target a certain area with a postcard introducing myself. what do you guys feel about that? what about door hangings? any sugestions or input is GREATLY appreciated TIA
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    by the way on on oahu, hawaii so the other real estate agents elsewhere please help and dont feel like im trying to steal your market.
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    I think you've got slim pickings as far as finding realtors goes...
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    besides law, i think real estate agents are not trusted by the general public and i have met plenty of crooks and criminals who take to this field since it's perceived as easier to get into

    that being said, there are plenty of good real estate agents but some sheisters get attacted by the field since it does not seem to have any strict standards and does not take years of university to become an agent/realtor...there don't seem to be a lot of barriers to entry into this field

    but as for lawyers, all the training, schools, associations, and pr in the world don't seem to change the public's perception of them as sharks
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    geez jef...let it go on the r.e. shark rants...there are no more sharks in the r.e. profession than any other profession. there are strict guidelines in the biz and plenty of legal remedies if someone does cross the line. i have never, nor do i know anyone who has ever, had an unethical experience during a real estate transaction. sure, some work harder than others but hey, some guys move faster behind the counter at baskin/robbins than others...

    and as far as lawyers...everyone slags them until they need legal help... :rolleyes:

    so, back o.t....

    slipper, as someone who gets multiple agent fliers on the door and in the mail every week...the only ones i read are the ones that offer some sort of usefull info on them such as pricing trends, mortgage trends, a list of recent local transactions ( price, # of b&b, and s/f) and stuff like that. one realtor sent out calenders with a picture of each homeowner's house on it...i know he spent bucks having a bazillion pictures taken of every individual house in the neighborhood...but it creeped me out thinking someone took a picture of my house without my permission...so don't do that.

    the true fact of the matter is the way to get clients is by developing relationships thru personal contact. it's slow and it takes years for actual pay-off, but that's the nature of the biz. carry lots of cards, hand them out shamelessly, network and beg everyone you know for their listing( and make sure your name is on every sign). also, you can focus on being a buyer OR seller's agent these days ( something that didn't exist in my days in the biz). and since you live in a vacation spot, you've got a ripe area for second homes and massive condo sales...should you want to pursue that. everyone has their specialty...which doesn't exclude other areas but you do need to be an expert in something.

    not to sound like a cheerleader but...r.e. is a great biz...besides medical care, there's almost no more important transaction in people's lives. it's a listening biz, not a talking biz...hard sells don't work. learn the financial side, get a financial calculator such as a BAII( or an HP12c if you're really bold) and be able to calculate monthly payments, balloon notes, ARMs and different financing scenarios.

    good luck
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    with 25 years in the work force from pizza boy to computer industry, cia to missionary, i have to say i have not seen a profession ripe with such criminals such as real estate, but i live in a very high end resort area in northern caliofrnia with over priced real estate so our area gets its fair share of get quick rich types

    this is my personal experience in a real estate market which is, to say the least unique

    i have twice found real estate agents snooping on my property at strange hours of the night and even one who claimed to be a car buyer but wasn't once the cops flushed out his real identity

    since i live on a truck route, they would drive by, photograph the house, and get lost fast and this business got old so fast

    in the final deal where we did find an agent, he made very strong advances towards my wife

    and in a five year period, i used to take care and manage gardens for real estate agents, and not one of them paid me on time and one skipped town after making off with millions to pursue their crack cocaine habit

    the stories go on and on but i think the incredibly rising real estate market of northern california does bring on a certain type of agent that is most likely not representative of the profession

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