Who is getting an iPod nano 3rd gen.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by eric55lv, Sep 25, 2007.

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    I am getting the 4gb this thursday:D:D:D:apple:
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    nice! I bet you can't wait! I have the 4gb and its dandy!
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    I have an 3G iPod nano 8 GB and love it after Apple updated iTunes to 7.4.2 and updated the nano's firmware to 1.0.1. :D
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    You will love it. The 3G Nanos are great devices.
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    Me soon. Most likely a RED. I'm not in love with the color, but I like the cause that it's purchase supports and can cover it at some point if the color really repels me.

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    I have the 30GB iPod Movie and after checking it out, I think I prefer it.

    I'm ordering the 8GB (PRODUCT)RED Nano with...

    Shaolin's Finest

    Engraved on it. :cool:
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    cant wait for tommorow for my ipod nano:):):):):):)
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    I have a red 8gb iPod nano sitting right in front of me.
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    Green 8Gb came today! :):):):):):):):)

    Savoring the moment of naming it and first sync. Tonight around 9pm!
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    Tom B.

    Without a doubt my favourite iPod yet!
    Video and games look so much better on it than it does on my 5G, and the new menu system is a huge improvement too.
    If only there was a 16GB version, it would be the only iPod I would ever need. (Until the next version of course!)
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    im thinking about buying one for my girlfriend for her 18th or Xmas:)
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    I am going to get a blue or a black nano this weekend! :D
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    Fuzzy Orange

    Um... why don't you buy a normal iPod nano, then donate maybe $20 to an AIDS charity? It's not like Apple donates that much anyways (from you purchase).
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    I really want a new nano but I'm wondering if the latest ones still have the tilted screen issue? I was at the apple store a couple days ago and the nano I was playing with on display had a tilted screen. Pretty weird to see in person... Go figure :D
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    i have the 8GB Product Red Nano... I love it and Just got the Case for it now i can actually start using it.:D
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    mine dosen't have a tilted screen, thank gawd
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    Not me, but I will be buying one for my friend. It's her birthday. :D
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    getting it today at 6pm las vegas,nv time cant wait:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    just got it last night but the 8b blue:D:D:D

    iReally love the new operating system an im listening to it right now:D:D
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    Just got my 8G 3G [PRODUCT RED] nano in from China yesterday. Its hard to grasp how small and especially how thin it is. I haven't really used it much yet, as I'm moving down from a 5G 30G iPod which got passed on to my youngster. I'm still sorting out what I am going to put on it.

    Suffice to say, it's beautiful, almost too nice to use!

    I should have my ShieldZone cover for it tomorrow, so I can start using it - I'm afraid to take it out much for fear of messing up the finish!

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    Apparently my response to this never took...

    Since you don't know and can't know what I've done I'll accept what you saying, but I'll also clarify.

    First the unimportant matter of color: I'm not knocked out by any of the colors and actually like the RED. I was just getting into nitpicking about the exact shade.

    Secondly, I bought the RED last night. In addition to any direct personal donations, I think supporting the (PRODUCT) RED concept is valid and important. As you know it costs the same to buy any other 8GB nano as it does to buy the RED, but then only Apple benefits and profits. The RED gets me the same great product plus Apple contributes to fighting AIDS in Africa, it's win-win. The actual amout is not as important as the fact they're doing it all. What's more the success of this program will hopefully inspire more of same from manufacturers who aren't already on board. Provide customers with standard products and services and benefit those in need. It's a kharmacally good big picture movement. It might not change to world, but it won't hurt anything and it's a commitment from big business to do good (not an easy thing to attain).

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