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Phones who is pulling the trigger on a samsung galaxy s3?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Eggtastic, Jul 10, 2012.

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    i know there is a lot of debates on this, but from what I am reading is a lot of arguments between "fanboys" and its hard to get a perspective.

    my contract is up but my iphone4 got stolen on 4th of july so i had to activate an old blackberry pearl 8100. its a pain to even get onto web browsing to the point where i don't bother using it anymore.

    with that said i have watched a ton of comparison and unboxings of the s3 and i am thinking about making the switch to get a totally new breath of fresh air in the mobile world.

    if anyone who has or is willing to pull the trigger on the s3 and why you did it or planning on doing it, your responses would be greatly appreciated...
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    I bought one and it's a very cool phone, screen is absolutely stunning and I preordered it on verizon to keep my unlimited data and get the subsidy. That said I couldn't get 4g signal in my apartment like I can with my thunderbolt so I sold it for a $350 profit and am looking to try the droid razr because of the apparently better radios

    I would say if you're in a strong 4G area it's by far the best phone on the market right now. If you're in a fringe zone try the razr
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    If I were you I'd try my best to wait it out for the next iPhone. The SSGS3 is a fantastic phone from what little I've got to play with it / all the articles I've read on it. The only thing I didn't like about it was the way it felt in my hands. It felt cheap and weird.
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    I completely disagree. I was actually very surprised by the build quality and I am an apple guy on all products except phones, where I go droid. It's very light but feels sturdy, unlike my thunderbolt which is falling apart :/
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    I prefer HTC's One X. It has a better screen & build quality.
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    thanks for the replies.

    for those that have the phone or are planning to get it, why are you switching from the iPhone?
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    I know what your feeling cause I have been feeling the same as of late.
    All the leaked info on the next iPhone looks boring and not worth using my upgrade for. Specifically, the elongated screen is a big disappointment. Apple really needs to increase BOTH the width and length.
    So I went ahead and did what I thought I would never do.
    Today I ordered a Samsung Note on Amazon. They have a special price of $199 and no tax to my state. I know the new Note will be announced in September but I went ahead and bought the current version cause I like the form better than what I'm seeing as a potential Note 2 form. That is also why I didn't buy the SIII. I want the biggest screen I can get and the Note is it for now. ICS is also available on the Note and from the reports I've read, it is an improvement over Gingerbread OS.
    One other thing you should consider is that the closer we get to the iPhone announcement, the lower the selling price of the iPhone you have. I can sell my iPhone 4S today and even taking the price of the Note I paid for at $199, I can still have money left over to get the next iPhone if I choose to do so.

    So go for it and get the Samsung SIII and if you don't like it, the worse case is you use it until the new iPhone is released, you sell your SIII and loose a little money.
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    I already pulled the trigger so to speak. I guess I was just due for a change. My iP4 was amazing, reliable and a greAt device. I guess that for me, after two years of looking at the same icons, screen size and overall small increments to the OS I just wanted to see what else was out there. I followed the SSGS3 from its first rumors, paid very close attention to every review and figured, what do I have to lose.

    I wrote a personal review on this forum. I don't regret my choice so far, and my mom is thrilled to death with her "new" iP4!
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    For me it's a combination of things. I found out my company offers a heavy discount on AT&T, and I have Verizon. I want to switch sooner because I stand to save a lot of money, and I don't feel like paying for another 3G phone. I'm still on the fence between the HTC one and the SGSIII
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    thanks for the input. i actually had my iPhone stolen so i cannot sell and make a profit from it to put towards an upgrade. its a shame because i take care of my electronics.

    i leave for a trip on thursday and will visit an ATT store tomorrow and make a final decision then. it be nice to use the camera on the s3 than a crappy blackberry from 2007 haha.

    i hope if i do change my mind about this phone, i can still make a descent profit come october when the iPhone 5 is released.
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    I switched from iphone last summer for 4G LTE and bigger screen.
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    wrathwitch, i just read your review and your updated one. thank you for the unbiased review, thats exactly what i needed, an apple fan who gave an android device a chance and enjoyed the switch.

    most people bash one or the other, but you provided what seems to be a fair review. i am looking for something new and customizable, seems like s3 is right up my alley. i appreciate every input you provided here and on your review forum. if i have any more questions i will message you!

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    My pleasure! Anytime, but remember almost anything I know about the phone other than the basic "Monkey push button" I got from Google!! But I have done a TONNE of research on it so likely can point in the right article directions LOL!!
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    My contract is up in October, which is a big month for phones. (new iPhone, WP8). I'll see if the iPhone has anything spectacular to make me switch, but I doubt it.
    I've had every Galaxy phone and I plan on continuing that trend.

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