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Who makes Apple's stuffs?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by MacDaddie0, May 12, 2004.

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    I once knew that my Powerbook G3 pismo was made by Quantex(or is that quanta? something with quant..) in Taiwan.
    Who makes Powermacs, Powerbooks, iPods, etc?
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    you might be able to search the forums for the rumors about the current products (up to a year prior to release) and find one of the tipoffs was a specific plant gearing up production. good luck

    why do you want to know?
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    Pismo I had worked flawlessly, but current 15" Powerbooks prone to have issues.

    Just wondering perhaps it's who makes them that differentiate the quality of these macs.
    Anyone begs to find out?
    Or know of such information such as track records (maybe QA stat?) of each OEM who makes/assembles macs?
    I think Apple might have this, but highly doubt they would release this kind of info.
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    I'm pretty sure Apple "makes" all their stuff. They prolly just have different "people" who work on it is all. The Pismo is a really good computer. The only problems that seem to plague the 15" Powerbooks now is the "thin" requirement. The Tibook's keyboard imprint, thinness. The White Spots? Thinness. The heat? Thinness. Of course there's also the airport reception due to the metal encasing. If Apple went back to plastic they might have not have as many problems today (the iBooks are well-made considering this).
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    alot of there work is contracted out, like their cinema displays are actually made by LG.
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    Yeah, as evident by the "makes" in quotation. They do design everything but the stuff is from elsewhere. Product quality, I think, is more based on product design than where it was made.
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    Who are foxconn? Do they just manufacture connectors and stuff? do they make logic boards? Do they do Assembley?

    Just curious.
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    From my understanding, apple is a "design" company. They don't have hardware manufacturing facilities. They design the PCB boards on PSpice equivalent programs and then contract out to various companies to implement these designs. Forexample, DVDR's, LCD's, HD's, batteries, trackpads, etc are all made by external companies.

    The reason why apple has such good hardware is that they take the time to test it all together for quite a while before releasing it to the public. That is also why they have the slowest product development cycle ever.

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    You need to just search who are the contract houses out there.
    Solectron is the biggest of the bunch, but Apple uses Foxconn for their manufacturing. Someone already said Quanta, there are probably a few others out there.

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