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who or what is martha stewart?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 19, 2003.

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    home icon? drunk? virtuous? tyrant? businesswoman? drug addict? victim? inside trader?

    tonight, nbc airs the martha stewart story and it will be interesting to see how the movie depicts her
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    i like what conan obrien said about her:

    Martha will be the cocreator of a new show in which people redecorate rooms of their best friends, it is to be called Insider Trading Spaces. :D :D
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    I've heard that she can be a real b*tch! I bet she wont be too happy after that movie airs. ;)
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    Since she can no longer maintain her "miss perfect" reputation, maybe she'll become (or she's already become) one of those notorious celebrities for whom any publicity is good publicity.
  6. job
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    this person?

    oh, wait, wrong media oddball... ;) :D

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    All i know that she runs a magazine, can someone point me somewhere I can find more information? Dont worry I'll just google it..

    off topic: bought my new 30Gb iPod on yesterday. it rocks!!!
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    I was thinking the same thing, except this alien had a lot of money and spoke several languages: English, bad English, and incarcerated English. :rolleyes:
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    Jokes aside, I think she is one driven woman. And I think her ambition finally got the best of her. Can happen to anyone.
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    any one know martha stewart used to be a pretty big time model??? scary huh!

    i think she is just a super super anal retentive woman who needs the stick out of her a$$ and a you know what in her you know where! ;)

    (see my signature)
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    For a good background summary, see http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/people/shows/stewart/profile.html

    And your iPod news isn't off topic. It's about living the good life, which is what Martha Stewart's image was all about!
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    If she was a model dressing like "job" posted above:


    The camera men and photographers would have been able to take just a few pics before they killed themselves. :eek:
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    I don't plan to watch the Martha Stewart Story! I will be watching "CSI: Miami" 9:45pm the 75 minute Season Finale! ;)
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    A psycho.
    Insider trading.

    Something that rhymes with witch.
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    "job" eh? can't get over my name change? :p ;)

    i'm still mr. spam.... :D
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    As long as I'm still the Spam Queen.[​IMG]
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    Unfortunately, no one can be told who Martha Stewart is...you have to experience her for yourself.
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    wasn't she one of the SMURFS???

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

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    You will always be the Spam Queen, vinow! ;)

    Did anyone actually watch the "Martha Stewart Story" last evening? What was your impression of Sybil Shepard's portrayal?
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    actually very tame and not out to make her look bad the whole way

    but i am sure martha stewart would not like it
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    I watched the first hour of it last night, and I thought that it was alright. It showed some good things about her, but it also showed some bad things about her.
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    I've enjoyed the impersonations of her on "Saturday Night Live." Always some truth in comedy!
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    she's a hoe!!!! :eek: :D ;)
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    The "Martha Stewart Topless Christmas" on SNL was the funniest. Although it bothered me that they seemingly did it with real kids participating.

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    Ha, that reminds me of a skit they did awhile back....maybe Martha Stewart could hook up with Pete Schweddy and be guests on The Delicious Dish radio show.

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