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Who ordered a Waterfield Sleeve?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by steffi, Feb 7, 2008.

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    Anybody ordered the Waterfield sleeve?


    It's really the only sleeve available from a reputable company right now so I'll probably just bite the bullet and try one. The only concern I have is how well the Air fits given it's asymetrical profile.
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    I receive mine yesterday and it fits rather well. THe quality is top notch and it looks great!
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    Still doesn't seem as slim and trim as I would like for that machine.
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    I ordered the whole enchilada including the strap and the piggyback. Its definitely slim and light for a laptop bag. A perfect complement to the MBA for now.
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    Link please.
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    i posted somewhere else how much i love their stuff and what i ordered this time around... all i'm saying here is that LOL why did i do that since it has been in the sleeve a total of two minutes so far, maybe!! :)

    but the piggyback is a great option, all the stuff fits in there
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    I've got the WaterField sleeve and medium cargo bag. I wanted to go for something with a little more style than the plain neoprene sleeves. I am more than satisfied with my choice and would definitely pick WaterField again.
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    I've had a waterfield sleeve for my PB since 04 and the thing is great. It gets used a lot, and other than a little dirt, it's in great condition. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, and while they are a little thick, I think this is a good thing, esp. with an aluminum case!
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    I ordered one.

    I also got a Jacket from http://mac-case.com/

    Hmm, looks like they have new cases just for the Air.

    It is for 13" MBs, but should work just fine for the Air. I'll try it out after I'm done charging it again.
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    I use Tumi for regular luggage but not their computer bags. I have a Mandarina Duck WorkBag that serves me well and I've been eyeing a Bottega Briefcase for some time now. I probably won't get the Bottega as it only has one compartment. But Mandarina Duck make stylish bags. Check out their WorkBag. Note: That bag can easily fit a 15" machine too so if you're looking for something the size of a MacBook Air you'll want to go for something 13 inches wide.

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    Not a snug fit - there is room for another MBA in there. :D

    But when the flap is closed, it looks slim.

    I'm trying to get something which will encourage me not to drag along too many accessories. I want my Air, the power adaptor, and my glasses. I don't want an external dvd, etc.

    BTW: I got this case for 30% off at CompUSA - talk about an impulse buy...
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    Just received my waterfield sleeve this morning. I'm at work without the MBA so can't speak to how it fits yet but it seems like a nice product. Perhaps a bit bulkier than it needs to be but should offer good protection. I just wish they made it with a slightly larger and zippered side pouch. That would make for a kickass, superlight way to carry just the MBA and some select accessories. In my case the accessories list is the power adapter, a WD Passport USB drive, an EVDO modem, the ethernet dongle and the VGA display adapter.

    Anyone know what the thinnest, smallest lightest sleeve/bag could be for just those items? I don't need handles, a shoulder strap or anything. Just something I can hold in my hand that makes the best use of the MBA's portability.

    Waterfield's sleeve + piggyback could potentially fit the bill but it seems a little kludgey. I'd rather it be one integrated sleeve and small pouch.
  17. JCT
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    I think Waterfield's new Hard Case is meant to be the type of case you are talking about. Not cheap, but classy and functional. But it has straps, handles, etc.

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    I'm very much considering getting it. The straps/handles/overall-size-being-slightly-larger-than-I-want is one issue. The other is that I am a bit of a luggage/bag hound and I'm trying to get it under control. I live in NYC where I don't have a huge amount of space and my girlfriend and I probably have at least two dozen different Tumi suitcases, suit carriers, laptop bags, flight bags, etc... It's like an infestation. Our closets are full to the brim.

    Having said that I almost ordered it yesterday, then again today. If I see one in the flesh and I like it I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying it. Sigh...:eek:
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    Much snugger fit for the Waterfield Sleeve than the Mac-Case.

    But then again, the case has more storage.

    I see the Sleeve as my security cable when I need to go to the bathroom. Just slip it in and leave. :cool:
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    been using mine since day one of my macbookair. its been great, no regrets. top notch stuff.
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    After many hours, with help from this thread, I've finally found the right MBA sleeve for me. I couldn't justify spending alot of money on a new MBA. I've grown attached to my North Face Recon backpack (tons of storage for all my small gadgets, but still slim on my back.

    So, I went with the peach-linen sleeve from Wrappers.
    Got it customized with my initials too :) I just hope it gets here quickly. I like to take my MBA out of the house...but cringe everytime I just throw it into the open pouch of the North Face backpack.
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    Ordered the Waterfield sleeve a week ago, but it hasn't arrived yet (I'm in NY, so I guess it's traveling cross country). In any rate, it looks pretty sweet. Can't wait till it gets here.
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    On the way....

    Mine's on the way, ordered last week as well. Hopefully arriving soon as I am in San Diego....
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    instant hit

    ordered one as part of the vertigo mambo package. supposedly will ship tonight via usps priority.

    feel quite bad toting my mba around in a messenger bag from my college days :D
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    I'm a MB user invading your forum! :eek:

    Just posting to say that I have a waterfield case for my mb, and no, it's not as slim as some. But it is very well made, attractive, and protective, so I think it would be as good an option for the MBA as it is for my mb. :)

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