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Who Sold Their Current iPod and How Much Did You Get For It?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by AppleFan08, Sep 8, 2007.

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    Hey, right after hearing about the new iPods coming earlier in the week, i got right on selling my white 80gb video in order to have some money to get the Touch (I sold it two nights ago for $220). Anyways, how many of you are selling or have sold your current iPods to get a new one? I'm very interested to know.

    I also want to know why so many people are so eager to buy used ipods! I put it on Craigslist and within id say 10 minutes i received 5 calls about it, and sold it after the 3rd lowball call. I guess people just want a good deal.
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    My sister had a 30GB 5.5G. I told her on Monday to sell it. She got $235 cash locally within two hours after putting it on craigslist.
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    i sold my white 60GB 5th gen for $150....it was in terrible quality with scratches all over it but worked fine....i still think i could have got mine for more though. I sold it the same day i was telling my mates that i was selling it.
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    I was contemplating selling my 80gb 5.5G, but then I saw the new iPod Classics. Whilst 160gb is ace and that. It's also in the ugliest iPod design since the 1G :eek:

    I'll sell my 5.5G as soon as the Touch is up to that lovely 160gb capacity. I simply adore this iPod still.
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    Wow! dang! Thats SO much!
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    i got 200 today for my 5g 30gb
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    that's an incredible price. did the buyer know new ones came out?
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    Wow! it sounds like i got ripped! I should have priced it at 250. I probably would have gotten that price. but 220 is fine for me. I'm definitely going to spring for the 16gb. I mean, 100 more for 2x the mem, its a no brainer for me. Im hoping some nice cases will be available when I pick my touch up. I wouldnt have a prob spending a pretty penny for a good case
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    Sold my 5G 60GB today for 219 on eBay. Perfect condition as it's been in an InvisibleShield since day one, but was engraved with my name and number. I really think engraving is a dumb idea seeing how quickly iPods get outdated and how addicted I am to new tech.

    Replacing it with a non-engraved 8GB refurbed ipod for $349. (Only $130 after considering the iPod payout... not too bad, seeing as they were going for $600 not too long ago.)
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    How much do you guys think i can sell my 6gb silver ipod mini for??

    i live in N.Y.
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    hmm. im thinking like 140-50? im not sure how much they cost brand new because i never bought one. You should go onto the NY craigslist and see what they are going for there. then hit up ebay and do a search specific to NY
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    Sold my old, beat up 5G 30gb for $135! Only cost me an extra $120 or so to grab the 80gb classic!
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    You willl find that 5g prices are about to climb because the new ipod classics don't have video out through the headphone jack or at least it doesn't work with current cables and accessories.
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    are there a lot of people who use their ipods for video out? i don't think there are enough to curb the price higher.
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    Yeah, I think there are WAY more than you think. How about all the people who purchased the video out cable. Or the people who purchased one of those ipod video monitors you plug the ipod into. No more can they ever use them. I think it is curbing the price quite a bit hence the high ebay sales. Apple is now using a chip to sell only the accessories they make to you. I am going to pick up another 5.5g 80gb myself and then in a few months when the 160gb hd is cheap enough to put in my self maybe I do that.
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    :( I got 200 for my 5g 60gb
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    sold a friend my 5.5G 30GB for $125... doing chores and such for the $175 more so as that i can get an ipod touch....
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    I sold my 5g 30gb to go towards a new iPod classic.

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