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Who uses their iPod as their primary library?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by SamIchi, Sep 17, 2007.

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    I was thinkin about getting a new HD for my MB cause it's running out of space again and again (120GB's). About 30 of it is music, then i have about 50 on my external, but I use my 40GB iPod to play my older collection (had to take out some fluff to fit the 40GB's). So roughly I have about a lil less than 80. I like having the collection together in it's entirety so I thought, why not get a new iPod and carry it all there and dock it when I wanna listen to music.

    So is that a good idea? Anyone do this? Have no music at all on my computer, (i'll have it backed up on my external in case something happens to my pod). Would I run into any problems? I'm trying to figure out if this would be a good alternative to buying a new HDD. Any cons?

    I would also like to know if there is a way to sync the iTunes libraries so they preserve the play counts and stuff like that.
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    Very very foolish to have all of your eggs in one basket.
    What if the hard drive fails??
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    I'll keep a back up on my external. I would just play it off my external but I hate turnin it on just to play music. It doesn't have a sleep mode so it's constantly whirring.
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    I have roughly 100 GB of music, 10 GB of pics, and 25 GB of music all on my iMac's 500 GB harddrive. I've got a 250 GB external HD where I copy the entire drive using Super Duper, another 250 GB external where I only keep a backup of iTunes and iPhoto, and also sync everything to my new 160 GB Classic.

    4 copies of everything may seem redundant, but I'm secure I'll still have my files tomorrow.
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    Is it even possible to keep everything on your iPod and not on your computer?
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    Yes, don't sync. Choose "manually manage music".
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    I use mine for the audio side of things. I hook my iPod up to my amp (which the iMac is too), and have that as a never ending supply of music.

    My iTunes library is on an external drive that I only turn on to sync and add new media to.
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    Tom B.

    I would never do that. I would always be worried that my iPod would break, get lost, get stolen at knifepoint or something else like that. Too risky for me.
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    I don't care for the way the iPod arranges my music, so I'd never use it as my primary source. It seems like it gets flakier as the library gets bigger. I've got 160gb of music in my iTunes library right now (just to try it) and it takes forever to open, and it frequently "loses" new music I've added to the library.
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    I feel the same way.
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    Everything is on my iPod, I don't carry it around on my MBP as well. What I have is on cd's in any case and what I buy from iTunes does get backed up to an external.
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    If they all reside at your residence, one fire and say goodbye to your collection.

    I don't see why you couldn't keep all your music on your iPod (especially now with the 160GB Classic). I would buy an external hard drive (WD's are cheap now) and back it up to that though ... especially with Leopard coming.

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