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who wants my older tars

Discussion in 'Community' started by mac15, May 23, 2002.

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    just wondering if anybody wants any of my older tars including my 007 one.....I have a different one now....
    just let me now if anybody want any of my tars
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    Please, keep the 007 one for yourself. At least for a couple of weeks? You've obviously put quite a bit of work into that one, and should at least do yourself the honour of not discarding it after a day.
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    Ensign Paris

    When he does choose to replace it I would say he should get a similar one with Homer Simpson walking and shooting instead of Bond.


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    Maybe I should keep it for a while
    But I like to change...whatever I feel like at the time suits me....next week then:D
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    Ensign Paris

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    I like to change too, but I've got a theme, so people still know it's me, even though I change a lot.
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    I like your Tar, but I want my own personal handmade tar.
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    Ensign Paris

    Tars are useful, easy way to identify someone, if they keep on changeing then u don't recognise the 'tar to the persons name as easily.

    Saying this I plan to change mine soon!

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    Mr. Anderson

    That's why a theme is important. I've got one, beej has one, so its not a matter of loosing image recognition. mac15 changes his to so many different styles its hard to keep track of who it is when you scroll though a list of replies.

    I'll be changing mine soon too. Another vacation picture, but the Lightwave logo stays.
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    nah...u can keep 'em...

    I do like the new 007 though...

    I'm starting to sound like a broken record...

    but please keep this one for a while....

    not only is it killer...but u need to have some continuity for a while so we can recognize u by it... ;)
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    I can think of something else we recognize him by... :D :p
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    hmm....u had to say that didn't u!!! :eek: :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    But that's not as obvious as an avatar. I do the fast scroll and I can see who's on the board just by a blur of an image, the other is not as easily distinguishable.

    I would really like him to settle down though. But I know that won't happen, we can always hope for a theme.....

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