Who wants to help me kill Evercrack?!?

Discussion in 'Games' started by mischief, Apr 30, 2002.

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    I'm compiling a list of people I could have do some work in developing a net based game to put some of these online RPG's to shame.

    I need Java and Object C programmers familliar with Cocoa and Linux, Graphics Professionals willing to work with mixed 3D objects, textures, light.

    I need Legal gurus to keep me from going Bungie.

    I need Database and AI programmers familliar with the Unreal engine.

    send resumes and portfolios to: mischief6xr@mac.com.

    You will get an E-mail back when it pops. Please understand that a startup Gaming company runs on contracts and caffeine for the first couple years so don't expect a company Hummer or anything..........We'll be doing a lot of Beta Gaming before this sees the light of day.:D
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    i'd help you out, except i'm still a student, so i'll be pretty busy for the next two years. it sounds like a pretty big thing you're thinking about doing, keep us updated on your progress! good luck!
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    We have some Volunteers!

    Special thanks to:

    Eyelikeart,D0ct0rteeth, Teabgs, and eventually Dukestreet for the support and enthusiasm. We will have a Site up soon you all can check out. :D

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    Re: Who wants to help me kill Evercrack?!?

    At this time I can not have private clients, however, I can volunteer some advise re: questions you might have.
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    I may take you up on that.

    once we get to a stage where a business plan and NDA's are neccesary I'll E-mail them to you for review.

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    Re: Careful..........

    No problem. I can at a minimum identify where you might want to consider alternatives and what problems you might have if you intend to raise money from investors (private placement securities offerings and issues related thereto)

    I can also give you some "suggestions/advice" regarding the form of business you choose.

    Just let me know when you get that far, and I'll give you my email (it will be changing soon)
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    mischief, it's good to hear that you're going ahead with it! can't wait to see the site and your progress!!:D
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    Speaking of evercrack...

    where the hell is the mac version??!!

    supid one-platform bigots...
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    The preliminary website:

    We have a working title and the embryo website up thanks to d0ct0rteeth and it will soon include artwork by teabgs, eyelikeart and myself.

    Assuming d0crt0rteeth has no objections (message Eye if you do!):


    more to come!!:D
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    its cool...

    no objections...

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    We need skins!!

    If you actually want to see "Unreal Pie Edition" send in skins of any famous idiots: Teletubbies, Bill Gate$, That Dell twit, The Energizer Bunny, Ariel Sharon, etc.

    E-mail them to my mischief account above and we'll see what we can do.:D
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    The site can now be reached through www.crystalspheres.net

    There is some new material and more to come!:)

    mcrain: please e-mail me at the above address so I can e-mail you. Your profile is set not to accept from here.
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    Re: Update:

    he he he...very nice :D

    I'll be sure to bookmark it ;)
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    Any idea on when the forums willl be up? That would make things a lot easier for us all. Other then that the site looks great :D
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    you will have a HARD time.
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    Everquest has been announced for Mac and is coming to OS X in mid-2003. I think you guys should let Blizzard do the work. I believe that Blizzard will release WoW (World of Warcraft) on the mac. Just look at the evidence. Warcraft 3 was a simultaneous release on both OSs and I'm sure Blizzard would like to compete with Sony over MMORPG domination on the Mac platform. I'm sure that most Mac gamers would rather go with a Blizzard game than a Sony-Station game. So I think you guys should all start lobbying Blizzard for WoW instead of trying to make a good MMORPG. Sorry guys I think the odds are stacked against you.
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    Actually, being a paper-and-dice gamer at heart I refuse to put any map-based computer game on par with what we are attempting.

    This will NOT be a map based game but a first-person emmersive environment. Neither will it be a combat-centered hack-and-slash like Quake and Diablo. This is to be a WORLD without levels or points for killing things, no alignments or "My level 75 Palladin can..."s. This is designed for actual traditionalist gamers who prefer characterization to hacking for the most disgusting killfest. It's designed for the 18-40 year old male geek audience.
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    You newbies whine too much :rolleyes: This is a seperate genre from Everkrack and WoW. If you're not assisting with the game don't post in this thread.
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    wow....I had no idea people were still posting in this thread....I thought it died a long time ago....well heres my post so that I'll know if anyone else says anything here....

    and all you naysaying newbies, can it! Unless you want some pie in your eye...

    and you know youre gonna want to Beta this baby when its ready, So dont go getting yourself on the Blacklist...
  20. Wes
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    If you guys need any help at all just e-mail wlb@mac.com i'm not much of a programmer, but I could help with testing betas.
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    forums are up.

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    ur site

    i want to see what u guys r doing but i cant find ur crystalspheres.net site coz my safari keeps saying it cannot find the server
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    Have you actually looked at the date of the original post?

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