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Who wasn't alive when the Mac was launched?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Pseudonym, Jan 24, 2004.

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    Well we're well into the 24th here in the UK and I was wondering how many of you are younger then the Mac?

    I'm not - I was 14 and can remember it being launched. I had an old BBC computer at the time.

    edit: missed a question mark in the title!
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    I was born October 5th 1984 ... the mac and i share the same year ... but my conception came a little later :D
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    The Macintosh beat me into the world as well...I was born in June of 1986. :p
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    mac beat me by a hear and a half
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    I was born on December 25, 1983... so I was barely one month old. Thats why I don't recall steve in his bow tie.
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    Born December 18, 1987. I'm still gonna celebrate though! :D
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    beat me by 2 months an a week, i was born march 29th 1984.
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    1987 here, so yeah, it beat me.

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    baby duck monge

    i beat the computer by a bit over 5 months. just enough time to have developed enough motor skills to use the mac when it first came out.
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    Wow. I can remember watching the superbowl with my Dad in 84 and seeing the comercial for the Mac. I had a IIe at school and knew of the Lisa, although I had never seen one. I begged him to get me a Mac. I mean 128k of memory. Much better than the 8k in my TRS-80 Color computer.

    Yea, I am old.
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    I was beat by just over a year, but my brother was almost 4 at the time. I should ask my father if he saw the commercial while watching the game, if he was watching...
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    Well I happened to be 35 years old then. I was the proud owner of an Apple IIE. Didn't see the original ad though. 1984 was the year that I moved to Boston.
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    Heck, I was born in 1969
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    June 14, 1984. Beat me by 6 months.
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    Stupidest Thread Of The Day-


    Anyone born after 1984... DUH??
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    March 23, 1985 for me.

    Close though!
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    Re: Stupidest Thread Of The Day-

    Dude, please, read the forum rules.
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    Re: Stupidest Thread Of The Day-

    if u don't like the topics of conversation...stay out of them... :rolleyes:
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    Hey, I had a TRS-80, too! I think mine had a whopping 16K of memory, though. (That would be RAM?) It used to amaze me how you could load these games and programs from a cassette. Crazy. Did you have any games for that beast?

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    Re: Stupidest Thread Of The Day-

    I agree with every onelse, it is best not to post in a thread if you don't like the topic. You should definitely read the rule or else you will get banned. Everyone is just trying to make conversation and contribute in a friendly way.
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    I beat the Mac by a few years.

    I do remember using Macs in grade school to play number crunchers.
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    1988. Only missed it by a good 4 years...

    Oh and....


    Stupidest isnt a word.


    The world
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    Feb. 13 1987, a few years late.
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    Geesh, I feel old!
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    My parents weren't even married yet!

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