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who will send me an iTunes gift certificate?

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by Joepy, Nov 16, 2003.

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    I'm really fed up! Living in Germany, where downloading songs for free is illegal now, but noone has come up with a legal alternative yet! :mad:
    I would love using iTMS, but Apple is obviously not ready yet to launch the eropean store.

    So I was wondering if it is possible if s/o could send me a gift certificate for $10.00. I'd pay you $12.00 through PayPal.

  2. arn
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    Have you tried ordering it from the Apple Store?


    I'm not sure how they check or require a US credit card when ordering.

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    I will.. no sweat..

    Thats an open invitation to anyone who lives overseas.. my pleasure.

    send me a PM.. or IM me as D0ct0rteeth

    - Doc
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    I tried ordering through the Apple Store, but it's not possible. Although I have an Apple ID, it requires you to have a US credit card if you want to purchase a gift certificate. :(

    I actually know quite a lot of people over here who would buy music from Apple if it was available.

    I hope that it won't be too long until it's officially released in Europe...
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    Even if you have a gift certificate, don't you still have to set up an account on the iTMS with a US credit card before you can use it?
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    mmmh... i don't know. what if the person that gets the certificate doesn't even have a credit card no matter where he/she lives? But I thought about this, too.

    That's why I'd only like to get a $10 gc.
    If it doesn't work...well at least I tried... :)
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    I just got D0ct0rteeth to send me a gift certificate for $10 after I PayPal'd him the money. I live in Canada. When I clicked on Redeem it brought me to the register page within iTunes and made me enter my Apple ID and password, and then went to a page requesting Credit Card information, City, Zip, and State. You can leave the CC info blank, all I had to do was enter any US address information, so all I put was 90210, Beverly Hills, California, hit finished, and went about and downloaded my songs, from CANADA!

    And boy is it fast! I am on a slow cable modem, over Airport, and it took 5-10 seconds to download each song.
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    yes, it's working from Germany, too. :)

    At first, I got an error because I don't have a US credit card, but then I skipped the CC information and it worked well with a US address.

    Thanks a lot, D0ct0rteeth!
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    Hmmm.... sounds like a new URL possibility for the MacRumors franchise. Something like exportunes.com. How 'bout it, arn? :D

    Okay, I'm on only sort of kidding. If this continues to work, couldn't it set up a huge cottage industry of Americans helping their international brothers? It could be the means of defrosting our icy international relations. Call the President!

    (I guess this topic just bring the wiseass out in me. I don't know why. I am sincerely glad you guys can get music now.)
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    Glad to help.. anytime

    - Doc

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