Who would you choose...?

Discussion in 'Community' started by teabgs, May 22, 2002.

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    If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and had to pick one person from macrumors to be with you who would you pick?

    I'd probably go with either Alpha or Mischief cause they seem like they know their way around the wilderness and can keep their cool when the going gets rough.
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    I would take my mac instead:D
    its a very hard choice but proabably a chick of here
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    Re: Who would you choose...?

    If i was stuck on a desert island, i wouldn't be worried about having a partner with a sense of direction. I'm sure we'd have all the time in the world to orientate ourselves.

    With that in mind, i'd take Cleo :D
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    dude....mac15....that avatar is killer! :D

    who would I take?

    I have no clue...I'll have to think about this for a while...
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    Re: Re: Who would you choose...?

    u know...I was going to answer her...but I couldn't give a good enough reason other than she's female & seems hella interesting... ;)
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    Do you need any other reason?
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    if only I could get a woman to talk that way about me... :)

    I'd have to take... agreenster (to keep my wit sharp)... or macette (obvious reasons :))... or... I'm gonna stop there, before this turns into a "who would you like to meet" thread. :D

    (I'd take my iBook and thus all of you! :))
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    I had a feeling Cleo would win...I instinctively thought of her but then I realized I was being a geek and just picking her cause shes a chick.
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    u are a regular here and u are worried about looking like a geek for opting to choose a female to take with u on a deserted island?!

    ha ha ha!!!!! :D

    that's funny...sorry....but it is.... ;)
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    I guess you've got a point there....hmm...I guess I'm a Geek if I do, geek if I don't

    All hail me, the most geek-conscious member of macrumors :p
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    What an honor... I think... ::scratches head::

    Now, you boys all realize that even if I was stranded on an island with you, you still wouldn't have a chance, right? :D
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    Too funny! :D

    I would have to bring my girlfriend with me. No offense to anyone here, but I'd much prefer to be with someone I've known for 5 years than someone I barely know through a website.

    Priorities, my friends. Priorities. ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    You guys are missing something, if I was stranded on a island, I'd take Miss MacRumors 2002, just don't tell my wife.:D

    But if I could take someone else outside of MacRumors it would be my wife.
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    Hey, who won that one? Wasn't it Jessica Alba?

    Nothing formal was ever announced. :(
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    I'm not sure who won...

    but mymemory would have to fight me for Sarah Michelle Gellar...he he he :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    It was stated that it had to be someone on MacRumors, so I was trying to keep with the idea. Since the only women on the stie that I know would only end up frustrating me, I had to find a solution.

    No offense to the Power Dykes, but you'd probably be just as frustrated.

    Which brings up a good question, where are all the straight women? There have to be some, right?
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    I think they are the ones calling us geeks & b*tching about us ignoring them for the website... :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Anderson

    True, I get that at home with my wife sometimes. But there have to be a few women out on the boards who are hetero, not that there's anything wrong with that.....
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    I agree...

    I have 2 female friends who own Macs...

    one a G4 tower....who's giving it up to use her husband's Dell...

    the other a TiBook...which she has seriously f***ed up somehow and it needs to be sent back to Apple.....but an incredible photographer! ;)

    I'd recruit either of them....but they wouldn't be active...I know already...
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    i'd bring... krossfyter. he's a freak and he'd make me laugh. and then we'd both die. so who needs much more than that.

    my girlfriend would be better, but i don't imagine she's been posting on here... hmm
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    So? I'd much rather not stand a chance with you than.... well, i'm sure you can guess :D
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    LOL. BTW, what did you get the Beej award for?
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    Thanx Teabgs.

    Though I'm sure Alpha and I have the same question:

    Stuck with what tools/equipment?:D

    If we're talkin' a cargo container with 2 powerbook Ti's, a rack full of Xserves, a crate of SW, Power gen. gear and a Satellite uplink.............

    I'd just have to choose Dukestreet and set in motion the Universal Credit world-domination-from-a-desert-island schtick.:D
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    That was for the 'tar. How's yours coming along?
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    Finished. Actually, a whole series of 'em. These last 5 posts are killing me, though... 15 more minutes?

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