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Who's bought an Apple TV in the last week?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by themanfromvlad, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Bought a 40 GB refurb the day after take two announced. I am very pleased, the refurb is super cheap and I can't wait for the update. FedEx says mine should arrive Monday. It'll be interesting to try it out pre and post update.
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    I picked one up at the SoHo store in New York. I got the 40GB too, since I'll just be streaming from it. Love it so far, and can't wait for the update and the forum posts on ripping with 5.1.
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    i think that we are going to get a 40 GB refurb when we have the money
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    I bought a 160 GB Apple TV on the day of the ATV2 announcement. I already had a 40 GB in my family room, but I wanted another one for the living room upstairs, especially now that rentals are coming. I prefer the bigger drive so that I can sync everything from my main computer and don't have to worry about having the computer on and iTunes open.
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    ^ Me too... bought a 160GB
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    I can't wait to pick up an Apple TV as soon as I get the money! haha.

    Being a college student doesn't help much.. :cool:
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    I ordered an 40GB refurb right after ATV Take 2 was announced. 'Just did some research first to confirm that hardware is the same. Got it Friday and enjoying it already; will enjoy it even more once the upgrade software comes...:)
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    got a 160. should have got one a long time ago, i didn't know what i was missing. it is amazing device even before the new software upgrade. can't wait for ability to rent SD, HD, and flickr integration.
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    Bought a 160GB this afternoon. Now I can anxiously await the software upgrade on my Apple TV just like i do on my iPhone.....:)
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    Haven't actually bought it yet (waiting for vacation pay), but DECIDED to buy it just after Take 2 was announced.

    Should have it next week.

    Going to get the 40GB and mostly stream form my iMac.
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    Bought one on Stevenote day as well. The 160GB model. I like it a lot but would like it more if TV shows could be purchased in HD. Especially LOST.
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    Will be buying one this week!
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    So if I ordered an Apple TV 40gb yesterday will I receive the new box or old one? Any difference outside of the packaging and software that would be a difference?
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    I am buying one tomorrow, they have them at Costco 160GB for 299.
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    I bought one last week at the local Apple store and got a 8% discount for being a business owner. :D
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    I did....
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    They are the same from what I understand......there will be a software update only.:apple:
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    Same for me...
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    My 40GB Refurbed arrived on Friday

    Works perfect. Very Happy and can't wait for the software update.
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    I purchased a refurb 40g Friday and Fed Ex says it should be here on Tuesday, i can't wait! :D
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    Get this:

    I ordered a 40gb refurb last tuesday(day of Stevenote) it arrived on Thursday. Awesome right? Well it gets better. Even though I ordered and paid for a refurb($199+tax), they sent me a brand new TV! It came in full retail packaging unlike refurbs that come in plain brown boxes. I am loving the TV! It is definitely one of my favorite Apple products. I can't wait for the update next week.
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    bought the 40GB

    Opted for the lower cost model, because I also bought the iPhone, too! :D
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    Phil A.

    Wirelessly posted (iPhone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/4A93 Safari/419.3)

    went to the local Apple store and picked a 160GB one up today. Using component video as my tv only has one HDMI port and my cable box is using it. Very impressed with it so far: picture quality is great (my tv is only 720p) and it was dead easy to set up. wish I'd got one earlier now :)
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    Ordered a new 40GB model yesterday.

    (my company has an employee discount with Apple which doesn't apply to refurbished items, and the difference between discounted-new and refurbished wasn't worth it to me)

    - Ruud
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    I just tried the Xtreme Mac HDMI switcher and I cannot get any video just audio from my Comcast box....GRRRRR

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