Who's going to brush metalize their iPod Touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by G5Unit, Sep 22, 2007.


Make your iPod Brushed Metal?

  1. Yes

    19 vote(s)
  2. No

    86 vote(s)
  3. Maybe in the future

    82 vote(s)
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    Who is going to take the green side of a sponge to the back of their iPod? You can make a nice brushed metal effect that doesn't show scratches or fingerprints.

    Example on regular iPod:
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    i did this to my 5G. except i had it against the wall, so that when i stroked the scotch brite over the back, the lines stayed striaght.. the picture you posted shows lines going crooked. ewww.
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    even with the crooked lines I think it looks nifty
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    No way...I like the shiny surface even though it scratches easily
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    Looks good but I won't do it.
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    Kind of cool but I can't get over the fact u r damaging your iPod.:eek: I voted no.
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    maybe it'll be a good side project to do once the scratches start showing up.. but for now... you gotta love the smooth virgin sweetness.
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    I did this with my nano, but I'm still undecided wether to do it to my touch. Its scratched on the back already (only have had it for 3 days) so I probably will do it eventually.
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    Wow... that looks great. How'd you do it exactly?
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    i think with a scotch brite sponge on the rough side. the sponges used to clean dishes
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    Dang... this is going to make my invisible shield pointless.
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    this doesnt void the warrenty in any way right? like if you drop you ipod and it stops working and you need to send it in to get fixed?
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    I love this place but some of you ought to get a life. This is the most ridiculous poll I have ever seen. :rolleyes:
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    Err, you will have damaged the cosmetics of your iPod. They won't accept it for repair if it's damaged like that..
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    It's already been confirmed with Apple that it does NOT void your warranty.
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    The mirror for the morning on your way to work is the best part about the iPod though! I always miss that I cannot use my Nano (2G) as a mirror. :p
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    the mirror!!!!

    I have a 1gen nano and what I have always loved about it is the mirror! Now I have a bigger one! I love this iPod!
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    I know, right? It's kind of sad, but it wasn't even really a joke! :eek:
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    I too use my ipod as a mirror. After I eat I check my teeth. If I don't have my iPod on me or if I want to be more subtle I use a silver card case that carries my business cards. Either way people laugh their asses off at me but frankly it'd be more embarrassing to have **** in my teeth. (and yes I carry dental floss with me too) I'm a teeth girl!

    But on post...I wouldn't do that to my iPod even though I do have scratches on my (damn agent 18 case).
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    I might do it in the future, when it is already covered in prints and scratched up. Looks really cool!
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    does anyone have high quality photos of a brushed metal ipod touch? I'm debating whether to brush metal my ipod or to order an invisible shield or a body guardz
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    That actually doesn't look all that bad. I might consider doing that once the scatches start appearing
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    hmm looks ok, although i kinda had my ipod engraved ... wonder what it would do to that !...
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    I did it with My Ipod touch! My back was like brand new, No scratches at all!:eek:
    But I tried it and my results were great. I think I might even prefer this backing instead of that mirror chrome backing.

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    Andrew K.

    Steel wool would make it look even cleaner ;) buy it at any hardware store, it will come with different types of grades FINE to Course, course will give you less line so go somewhere in between, works way better than a sponge

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