Who's staying up all night for MacWorld

Discussion in 'Community' started by aldo, Jan 5, 2004.

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    I am. 3am here... only 13 hours 55 minutes to go...

    Also joining 'NeowinMacWorld' on iChat (file --> goto chat)... if you'd like to provide support for us all :).
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    Dont Hurt Me

    get some sleep. you will be better prepared for it when it happens. even if they introduce a slew of new products it will still take months before they ship and you can drool over them for weeks.
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    It's on at 6 am here. I'm going to sleep tonight, and then I'll probably find that I wake up early. I have to remember to change my homepage to the stream, rather than MacBytes, before I go to sleep tonight, so the suspense won't be ruined as soon as I go online.
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    On a good day, the nearest Apple Store is 100 minutes away. But since the broadcast starts at 9 and I don't want to be late due to rush hour traffic, I have to leave at 6. I have to be up by 5. And I have been going to bed lately around 3. So I'm thinking I won't even bother going to bed. :(
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    Well I have school tomorow so I should go to bed now.
    Have a happy Keynote eve!
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    welcome to the crowd, man :) im running on about 4 hours sleep in the last 72. work is fun when you're hallucinating ;)

    have fun at the apple store, the nearest one from here is many, many hours away... just remember, it could be worse :eek:

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    I probably would if I didn't have school tomorrow :mad: :mad: ;).

    Well, it will be good to see everyone. If only I had T-Zones I could check on the updates during my classes.

    Well, I guess I can check up ont he updates not only during lunch, but also during comp networking, comp sci, and my teacher aid in which i'm the comp sci teacher's aid :).

    4/7 periods I have access to a computer :D.

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    Waptunnel, baby. :D

    But I'll probably just catch the stream at home or at school.
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    Its on at 4am for me, I'm gonna stay up and watch the keynote. the rooms usually suck, full of winging people asking why didn't steve do this and why didn't he do that.
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    I'll be getting up at noon instead of my usual 1:00 pm. I guess I'll be treating my wife to lunch out since I'll be watching instead of cooking!
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    Geeze, don't strain yourself....

    Anyway, I'm less then 3 hours from departing to work, so looks like I'm pulling an all nighter. I can't wait for my lunch break.....

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    Keynote is just 8 1/2 hrs and 1 hr by car away. Think I'll stay up, but don't think I'll physically go there, since I only have an expo hall pass and not a keynote one... and driving during rush hour sucks here in the Bay Area.

    BTW - anyone who's attending know whether Apple has something like a "campus bash" or party planned this year? At WWDC, they invited all attendees to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino for live music, food, and informal small talk with the conference presenters and such. Of course, Jobs, Schiller and the big guys aren't there, but it's still a very fun event, with great food (they had a huge Sushi buffet, chocolate dipped strawberries, and a ton of other gourmet food at WWDC). It's just nice when they open their headquarters to their power users and collaborators. And I know they usually have some kind of big party (often in SF) at Macworld - often on Friday. Anyone know anything about it? I'm sure with the 20th anniversary and such, they must be having some festivities up their sleeve.
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    Okay, so I actually fell asleep tonight at 10:30 instead of the usual 3am. But I woke up at 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep because I wondered if any juicy new rumors had popped up. Sad to say, I was a little disappointed. :(

    I hope I can get back to sleep . . .
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    hehe.. that happened to me last night. I stayed up till 2:00 because I couldnt fall asleep. Well gott ago to school now. Hope theres something good for me when I come back.
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    Well, its 1pm here and the keynote is at 5pm for me here....so i think i *may* stay up...i dunno work is boring. ooo the excitement :)
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