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Why am I stuck with a 24 hour clock?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by PowerFullMac, Aug 13, 2008.

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    My iPod touch is being very annoying, it is stuck on the 14 hour clock, I cant change to the 12 hour one!!!

    Anyone got anything to try?

    Thanks in advance!

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    In the settings > general > international, set United States for the region. this will allow you to use 12-hour clock... :)
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    Wow, as soon as I changed it I automatically had the 12 hour clock!

    Why the hell did Apple do that? Is it a secret plot to make us all worship America if we want our 12 hour clocks? :p

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    Someone told me... I'd never have thought to do this myself (it's not even logical!). Glad to be of assistance... :)
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    Yeah, I looked all around everything but never thought to change the region!

    Thanks for the help! :)
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    after 2.1 you can set the uk time to 12 hour :)
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    Cool, I'll upgrade tomorrow probably, I am still running the version of 2.0 not intended for release! :eek:
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    This reminds me. Why at times when I sync my ipt does the time change randomly? Then when I sync again, the time shows correct?

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    If you have your Mac set to UK standards, it copies it over to the iPod, so change your computer haha. I had mine set on Welsh and I turned on my ipod and was very confused when it was 18:30...I was lost :p
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    For some reason iTunes thinks 2.0 is still the current version! :mad:

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    My iPhone now lets me choose 12 or 24 hours clock. It's also set to UK settings not American.

    Only since 2.1, though.
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    What's wrong with a 24 hour clock?
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    I have to do sums to understand what the actual time is, which wastes time, and wasting time to know the time is just stupid.

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