Why Apple and folly go hand-in-glove

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 11, 2005.

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    James Philp

    Is this not a REPOST
    C'mon MacBytes!
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    real easy

    it is very easy to call directions taken mistakes when in fact no one really knows what the outcome of those decisions would have been.

    an Apple IBM deal could have simply meant no mac and all windows after all IBM flopped with OS/2 just as badly. After all if you really want a bad choice look no further tham IBM allowing Gates to keep control over an operating system made for and paid for by IBM.

    And when Apple clones came up they still did not move any of the business systems out they only replaced machine in the MAC world.

    Right now Apple may not be a HUGE company but they are also not smal and are thriving. Will it last . I tend to think so . They have been around for a long time and won't go away quickly.
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    Agreed. They have the muscle to outlast anything. They've proven that time and again.

    When it comes to Apple, you can't compare apples-to-apples... they are a different breed.

    This "journalist" is just stirring things up a bit, although it does make me realize just how biased I am. :p
  6. slb
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    Apple's Steve Jobs 2.0 era has been their most successful in history. Most of the mistakes cited happened on other guys' watches. Maybe that bad-tempered genius of Jobs is a good thing for Apple. I dunno, you tell me if an 800% stock increase is a good thing or not.
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    Ahh, when you can't think of anything else bad to say, fall back on the good old "think different" grammatical slur.

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  8. hob
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    As always I try to be totally impartial with my view of apple - which is difficult when I love my new G5 so much - the article does have a point, but i'm not sure that Apple's going to fade away. The day apple folds is probably the day I jump out of an airplane with no parachute - can you imagine?!

    Anyway, if Apple did fall down I'm sure another company (possibly called "Pear") would pick up the slack - I'd never go back to windows and linux just plain scares me!

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    Give that author an armchair and a helmet, hindsight super bowl on Monday.
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    Show me any major company that has been around for 30 years plus that hasn't made a bad decision.

    No really do it. If you can find one I'll send you an Apple logo souvenir like a pocket knife or money clip. Prize to the first person only.
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    This is one of those things that some of us as Apple lovers strongly disagree with. Even if the criticism isn't constructive (or even that vaid), to pull all books by the same publisher was just plain dumb. Especially since it gives fodder to "journalists" such as this who love to ruffle our feathers so we'll read their articles.

    Which we're doing.

    I feel dirty.
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    mad jew

    :D Good call.

    As you'd know fellow Aussie, Graeme's a bit of a lost cause when it comes to writing for the tech part of the newspaper. Fairfax can do much better.
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    It's the title of the book that gets me. I bet it's what set Steve off too. It's not Icon. It's iCon - as if Steve were a con man. He is a good pitch man that's for sure. Anyways, if I was him and I saw a book with that title, I'd be upset as well :cool:
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Interesting article and i have to agree with a lot of it. Apple doesnt play well with most companies and has shot itself in the foot so many times it aint funny. Any other company would be gone making so many blunders. Lets face it they went from owning a large chunck of the market to 2-3% and are now loaded with cash. Im still convinced that when 99.9% of the world deals with Apple its Apples way or the highway. excluding IBM ;)
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    Interesting article, if a little biased, but as are most of us on these boards.
    Perhaps with his quality of approach and hindsight, he should run for office (or run out of the office window)
    It's also re-assuring that his predictions that apple wouldn't last have been so accurate.
    Please If you're going to publish articles at least make the material interesting and balanced, but in this world of extreems I don't think we will get that again.

    Oh well,

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    Paul O'Keefe

    death knell

    Perhaps this article should be considered for an apple death knell. Haven't heard one of those in a long time.
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    Paul O'Keefe

    death knell up

    And the death knell has a new addition. It's up.
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    LOL, someone should set up a death knell widget! ;) :eek: :D
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    I was going to say Google, but I see you want a company that has been around for over 30 years.
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    Hmmm...it is an interesting challenge. I personally doubt such a thing exists too...my nominations would be... possibly Honda Motor Co (that is, at least, they haven't made major bad decisions in the post-war era), even if they haven't always made the best decisions. Hmmm...maybe.... well, personally, I don't think there are any either. But Honda is probably as close as I can come. And that's a compliment coming from an ex-Fordie. :)

    I'm saying, of course, that Honda hasn't made a bad decision since their major strategy setting in the era shortly following the war. They made plenty of bad decisions before that time.
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    What's funny about this article is that some of the things he lists as Apple's mistakes were good decisions to correct bad decisions that the article's writer applauded.

    Apple reversed its decision when it found out that clones only stole market share from Apple itself instead of creating more switchers. Opening up the architecture was a self inflicted wound and if Apple would have kept at it, it would have been a suicidal move.

    Also because few people would buy Apple hardware over a cheaper alternative and Apple makes money off the hardware, not the software. Another move that would have ultimately killed Apple.

    Grammar isn't my forte, but being an English major, I still feel comfortable saying that think different is grammatically correct. I understand it as a you understood command. So it has both a subject and a verb; the necessary components of a sentence. It resembles other you understood commands such as: Eat your vegetables. Fetch my shoes. Reboot the computer. Run. Stop. Speak. Speak cearly. Think. Think different. Of course, maybe I'm wrong and it is wrong. But then again, even if it is wrong, how much longer will it continue to be wrong. ;) Split infinitives were taboo until somebody thought to boldly go where no grammar has gone before. :p But I digress.

    Hehe, maybe if Apple would have taken his advice, his predictions of Apple's demise would have been correct. Maybe he should adopt a new mantra; think better.
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    I agree they are a fantastic company but that's not to say they haven't made their share of bad decisions. The point in my challenge is nobody is perfect. To expect perfection is to live in disappointment.

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