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Why Apple just lost a sale

Discussion in 'iPod' started by coldmack, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Apple Nano size with out the unless camera, a larger screen than both the Nano and Classic, noise canceling better standard headphones(and sound I assume) and 64gb of space. Those are Asian prices, so American price should be a good bit lower to be a little more competive with the Nano.

    Come on Apple don't let the Nano line stagnet. I don't want a 64gb touch screen player, I want a compact 64gb Nano, with out a silly camera. And don't say iPod Classic as that is HDD device, and I want a flash device for the gym.

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    That's pretty ugly.

    Sure, it's got some nice specs, but it's not an iPod.
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    Sony releasing a new nano competitor only steals 1 sale from Apple? Sounds alright to me :D
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    and *that* is why Apple can just do whatever they want without worrying :D
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    This comment does not compute. So its not an iPod it seems to better. The main purpose of any mp3 player, including the ipod line, is to play music, and from the reviews I saw of the preivous Sony it is better at playing music vs the ipod line, the sole reason for many of us getting an mp3 player. It doesn't use any software so it shows up as external drive so we can manage our music with iTunes, and then just drag it on to the player. I don't see what the problem is here? Unless your talking about looks, which is a wash in my opinion, which then goes back to specs which this takes.

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    Unless people start realizing the Nano line has not see a space increase in a while and in order to get a larger space player you either have to step up to the Classic or Touch which some may find larger or offers more than they want. Then if a person is at a store like Best Buy or Fry's they may see that Sony or some other compact 32gb+ mp3 player and go, why can't Apple offer that to us?
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    like others say, competition is a good thing.
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    And iTunes is a big part of why I, and I'm sure a lot of other people, stick with iPods. Drag and drop doesn't do it for me.
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    Um, unless sony has REALLY changed since I last owned a sony mp3 player have fun with their mandatory atrac format and only being able to transfer songs 3 times back and forth from the device.

    Like I said maybe things have changed since I owned one.
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    The price is $263 for 16 GB, compared to $179 for a Nano with 16 GB. Sony $439 for 64 GB, iPod Touch $399. And the thing is massively big compared to the Nano. Realistically, if this had been released by Apple, there would be a revolution.
  11. j26
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    They have - I picked up a Sony E Series mp3 for herself a few weeks ago (a radio was essential, so iPods were out at the time) - transfers are easy enough, and it plays the usual formats (AAC, mp3 etc). It was also far cheaper than an iPod.
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    Been interested in this for a while, the audio EQ is supposed to be fantastic on it.
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    I don't think Apple will be too worried with this one, it looks fugly to me.

    Besides, with iTunes, the iTunes Music Store, and the Apple experience - your not *just* buying a music player, your buying a whole experience and ease of use, and the amount of content available.

    In fact, the next iPod killer.... well, Apple is so many years ahead with their "eco-system" that nobody in the forseeable future has any chance whatsoever.

    Maybe sometime in a few years, but that's a long way off just yet.

    So many of these rivals are so far behind with their offerings, they just don't get it.

    Apple, gets it, understands it, does it, and people in ALL corners of the World, buy it.

    Fan boy or no fan boy, it really doesn't matter to me - they are just labels, what matters, is that Apple have it so right. And they will do for a very long time.
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    Oh, sure, install the Sony software for the device on your PC and take a chance on installing another Sony rootkit? Meh.

    The device is hideous.
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    Leave it to Sony to come up with something that makes the Zune HD look beautiful by comparison. I think Sony was trying to provide a tactile-only control interface for those users who keep it tucked in a pocket. That button cluster being the hot mess that it is, I wouldn't blame the user for hiding it.

    And seriously, what's the deal with that faux mono-LCD-pixel background?

    EDIT: OMG. I just noticed something. Disney to sue Sony in 3... 2... 1... :D
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    Wow that thing is ugly.

    You'll need to keep it in a paper bag so no one sees you using it.
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    Unspoken Demise

    I'm sure Apple stockholders are making MR accounts right now to plead you into staying a loyal Apple customer. Look for usernames such as
    ThatSonyPOSisAPOS, and
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    Way to much time on your hands :rolleyes:
    I really love the brown color, I have always wanted a player that will match the decore in my toilet.
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    Unspoken Demise

    Or I type fast. ;)
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    +1 This is why I will never buy another sony anything that requires software.

    I have no clue what sony was thinking when they thought installing an unremovable rootkit was a good idea.
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    I wonder how much Arsenic is in the glass... :eek:

    Or how much Mercury lies within it... :confused:

    Or just how recyclable it is... :(

    I know not everyone cares on this part, but I really do and I'd imagine others would too. Not only that, but the iPod is just way better with looks, functions, and price.

    So iPod for me.
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    Ok.....I don't see it? Explain please.
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    But you conveniently ignore the chinese slave labor used to make it. And the utter horrors of chinese factories polluting their local resources. But hey, you go with that pompous sense of self-righteousness...
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    If someone is installing a software to use this, something is wrong. This is a UMS/MSC device.

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