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Why Apple should allow other music stores to sell iPod-compa...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 28, 2004.

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    Wasn't this article on MacBytes last week?

    Anyway, instead of moaning that iPod should support all other media formats, how about other music sites support iPod?!!

    In the case of WMA, it wouldn't do a lot of good for macs because MS can't be arsed to support the latest DRM on Mac WMP!!
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    I find it funn ythat everyone is arguing who is going to come out on top with all of thes emusic stores. I already know the winner. Kazaa. Most kids would never pay for music now. And if they do they wil lgo out and buy the cd. Online music stores will hit a niche market (which Apple seems to be great at) so iTms will be around for a while, supplying all the rich mac heads with great songs.
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    Yes, it was.

    Good idea. Minor problem: Apple doesn't let them.
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    I believe in the long run (3-5 yrs?) a streaming model will ultimately be successful. Think of wireless high-speed networks available anywhere, anytime, per satellite even on sea or in the dessert. Tiny devices without bulky HD give you instant access to the ENTIRE iTMS library, not just the few songs you "bought". Charge a couple bucks per month for unlimited access and even kids will pay for music.
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    Your forgetting that the bulk of the current user base and the highest percentage of people currently buying iPods and iPod minis are actually PC users rather than Mac users. This means that the bulk of people in the US who are using iTMS are actually PC users which means that there is plenty more room for expansion for iTMS. As the RIAA continues to sue file traders across the US, more and more people are going to move towards online music stores if they dont want to pay for CDs from bricks and mortar stores.
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    If Apple leads with the software management program, then it does seem that it will lead to more users for iTMS. With the iPod release worldwide in July it is bound to give a real boost.
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    Along with iTunes desktop icon on HP PCs shipping world wide from the start of April = 40% of the PC market.
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    Kazaa Head offices in Sydney were busted some months ago with All relevent IP addresses being sequestered for the RIAA to file more John Doe court cases for the file sharers world wide. Aparently the offices were in a bit of a mess so the process is taking bit longer. :)
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    well... i don't think kazaa will win, but i bet that the next p2p will... I don't support downloading mp3's off of p2p. The thought process of a kid is this: why do i have to pay for a song if i can get it for free? Every kid i've talked to has said that... those swindlers! :p ;)
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    Apple is a hardware manufacturer that from day one has integrated its hardware with its software. Here in 2004, software as a standalone product is losing value, whereas low priced/ free but great software that is compatable with specific hardware is a valuable driver of hw sales.

    The article comes from the gradually becoming archaic MS software mindset, where iTMS would be the be all and end all of Apples digital music plan to make profits.

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