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why are elites in such short supply?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by tim2006, Jul 4, 2007.

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    elites are sold out everywhere around me and the pro are in limited numbers what is going on:

    1) increased sales
    2) decreased production
    3) sku change
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    I imagine the 'true' answer being a mixture of all those above.
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    The only time I've seen a few boxes was when I was at a ghetto Target near my university.

    I am surprised by how hard it is to find an Elite. I'd say it's almost as elusive as a Wii.
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    Well I've seen none round here!
  5. MRU


    Probably because they haven't been released in Europe yet ;)
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    There's a stack of them at the gamestop here in Abilene, TX. Not selling anymore than anything else. But then they've had Wiis for a while here too...

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    Because they are all being repaired by MS for a faulty motherboard.
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    ^Second that....they recalled the elite to put a third heatsink in it.

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    NZ's biggest (I think) game seller says that they have an extremely limited number of Elites available, so I think it's a supply issue.

    Edit: Or maybe they're being repaired :)

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