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Why are threads wastelanded for no good reason?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by twistedlegato, Jan 23, 2007.

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    I see quit a few threads that have nothings bad about them at all just like my Pizza Thread..


    Why mods? I dont under stand why peoples/my thread deserved to be wastelanded, no mod even put a message for the reason why it was wastelanded also!

    The pizza thread was beginning to become very fun and nothing was against the rules so why?

    There are much stupider threads that i see go by at times and they just are there, not wastelanded!

    Mods, what is the reason, and anytime you do wasteland something can you please make a post telling the reason?!
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    I was just looking at the Pizza thread... I agree.

    On the other hand... *cough Indian penis size thread cough* :p

    I just read through all 4 pages of that one...

    But back on subject I agree with you, and that is a good idea that there should be some sort of explanation for threads where it is not already obvious (spam threads, etc) I also agree that this thread will be wastelanded not before long.
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    Wait? That Indian thread was not Wastelanded?

    Now THAT IS UNFAIR!!!!
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    First of all this is in the wrong section, Second a thread is wastelanded if the original topic gets out of hand. Like say a thread about pizza turns into a fight about cars.
  5. Moderator emeritus

    I agree.

    I think it's unfair, heavy-handed and also capricious to wasteland threads like the pizza thread that don't immediately and obviously contravene forum rules, without at the very least a mods note saying why.
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    Read the whole thing. It was getting a little out of hand... but that doesn't mean that it was hillarious! Especially the page where someone drew out the MacRumors Penis size paper (based on your rank) lol

    Yeah but did you read the thread? That was not the case.
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    Except the Pizza thread seemed to stay on topic...

    EDIT: Damn totally beaten to it. I'm off to bed.
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    Let me have a look see.:)

    ...I don't see anything wrong with it. Maybe the pizza shop advertising?
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    I thought the pizza thread was a bit of harmless fun - maybe that was the problem. Interesting that at least one mod contributed to it.
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    Ok one reason it was closed could have been because i like did ALOT of posts and maybe the mods thought i was spamming, well its not the case i tell you! *Speaking to mods, not to MACNUT*
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    Yeah, it's too bad you lose your posts within a wastelanded topic. Imagine if they got rid of the Post your Mac Setup thread... (7000+ posts in that one)
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    It was certainly cleaner then the Lube™ thread.:p
  13. Moderator


    Staff Member

    Man, the pizza thread got wastelanded...? :eek:

    That's rubbish... :mad:

    This thread on the other hand... ;)
  14. Moderator emeritus

    I'm not sure why it was sent to Wasteland, either. Occasionally, there are spam hole threads like that. The only reason I can think that it was moved was that there was an older thread about it.

    This one is moving to Feedback.
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    Yea seriously the pizza thread is better than the "What to do with pictures of your ex thread"
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    Can a mod not send it back to the Community Section, and you are a mod, so cant you do that?
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    The wasteland is like a black whole, once it goes there it doesn't come back. (usually)
  18. Administrator/Editor


    Staff Member

    They can come back, but it's awfully rare for one mod to overrule another mod without them having discussed the issue. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a discussion in the moderator forum about this right now.
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    There is a moderator forum in MR? Neat, i hope they bring my thread back or at least give me a reason!
  20. jsw
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    I agree that a note explaining why a popular thread is wastelanded is usually helpful.

    That said, what I think needs to be understood is that there are times when many post reports stack up, someone's trying to get through them, maybe they're busy with real world stuff™, and things fall through the cracks.

    I don't know why the Pizza thread was sent away. But the lesson I've learned from this is to try harder to note why I do so when I move things there.
    Oh please. Like we really care. We figure a lightning bolt now and then is a good thing and fun to watch. ;)

    <note the sig>
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    So your being sarcastic? No wait what?!

    And you cant bring the thread back?
  22. jsw
    Moderator emeritus


    The last part was sarcastic.

    Yes, the thread could be brought back, but I'm unable to discuss with the other mod as to why it was sent there, and I wouldn't arbitrarily bring it back.

    My recommendation in the meantime is to move on to other threads. Pizza's been around a long time. It'll still be a food when this is resolved.
  23. Moderator emeritus

    I don't know why it went there and until there is some explanation, I'm not going to reverse someone else's decision unless I see something of vital importance.

    Knowing people's preference in pizza toppings is not of vital importance. :p
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    Maybe the case can be taken to MacRumors court, and the members can decide its fate.
  25. jsw
    Moderator emeritus


    Or maybe we can all just move along.

    I/we understand the point being made here. It will be discussed. But, please, it's just a thread. Until/unless something is done, I'm not sure there's much else to say here.
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