Why can't apple just announce the release date?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by dba415, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Are they just trying to be annoying and lame on purpose?

    A major OS has no release date other than July, except I guarantee that Apple already knows when they plan on releasing and have known for a while now, and they refuse to publicly reveal it
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    I can't imagine why knowing a date will really make any difference to me
    I will just pick it up when it comes out
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    Remember the public outcry when the first beta of IOS 6 was released after the developer conference.

    Apple probably hold back on announcing the release date too early to ensure they have nailed it and all the bugs they know of are stamped out.

    Last thing they want is mass disappointment as that reflects in their stocks and shares.
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    Because I am currently away from home working, I plan on going home but would like to schedule it so I can also install ml while I am at home. I have software and stuff at home that I need to get (I'm doing a clean install). It's annoying when you can't even plan around it. I also need to buy bus tix
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    You can easily plan around it once it gets released. Seems like your just impatient to wait for it. Apples not going to work around your schedule.
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    Plan on August first and you're covered! ;)
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    When lion's availability was announced it was one day before it was actually sold - and it was announced during their conference call. Apple isn't going to do anything until then at the very least - and thats next week.

    They will announce it when they are good and ready - right before it sells.
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    you mean on a Wednesday? In the middle of the weeK/

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    Given that's its electronic only, I don't see this being a problem. Just upgrade/download when its available. Its no like you need to wait in line to buy a copy
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    Cuz we need to know. If its going to be july 2012 I can wait. But if it july 3012 I'm not wasting my breath. So its good to know.
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    Oh so people shouldn't worry about the date OS X comes out but everyone is going ape **** about what the next iPhone will be called. Can't they just say "We'll just see what it's called when it comes out"?
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    They can. They just chose not to.
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    Yep, that's what I'm gonna do
    I don't care what they call it myself
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    I bet it will be just "iphone"

    The numbering is ggetting out of hand

    As for ML, I hope it's by the weekend. Low chances I know
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    Krazy Bill

    If people knew the exact day it was going to be released, a lot of people would delay the purchase of their new mac. Not to mention, Lion sales would grind to a halt.

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    I agree. I'm not even getting the iPhone ( insert new name ).

    Mountain Lion's release date announcement will be June 24th by Tim Cook during the quarterly earnings call. He will say it is available in the Mac App Store the next day.

    That would be after 1AM June 25th. Cupertino time.
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    Pretty sure he means it will be out in July for sure, so plan on coming back on August 1st and it will be a sure thing that it's out :rolleyes:
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    Why can't people deal with how Apple chooses to do business?
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    And if you miss this one window of opportunity you wont ever be able to install ML?
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    Why should Apple tell you a date in advance? That way a delay would create confusion, if something goes wrong with anything.
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    I think that everyone is freaking out or going ape about too many not so important things. I mean, come on, wouldn't it be better if no one know anything about when the new OS ML is coming out? Or what the new iPhone
    will be called? Who gives a ****?! I know that I don't and most Mac OS users
    feel the same as I do even if they won't admit to it. Most people enjoy being
    surprised,right? Well, either way, lets all start to act more real because the old
    Blessed Apple has been under a different mind set since the beloved Steve Jobs
    passed away. I'm hoping that the newer brain will take the Apple by the core
    and do things different, instead of just Think different.
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    Apple is no different than any other manufacturer. They have their own policies and procedures that they follow exactly.

    They do things the way they feel are in the best interest of the company, to maintain a competitive edge and to position themselves for success.

    It's not as though something has changed. Apple has always operated this way.

    Present day performance metrics prove that Apple has the right combination for tremendous success.

    Get into acceptance and you won't be stressed.

    Patience will serve you well.
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    They probably just want to keep their options open as much as possible. The cost of specifying a date and getting it wrong (ebarassment, public anger, losing customer trust) outweighs the benefit of setting a date and getting it right.
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    That goes double during the period before the investor call which is coming up.

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