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Why can't I find the 160GB ATV in town?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Mindflux, Nov 4, 2007.

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    I've checked best buy and circuit city to no avail. I realize the Apple store will have it, but I wanted to check my closer locations first. They all have the 40GB version!
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    The ATV's are not hot selling items...especially in stores other than apples. If the 40GB isn't selling well, why carry the 160GB?
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    'Coz you live in the wrong town? ;)
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    Yeah that's probably it. :p
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    Opposite story here in Cape Town (South Africa). There are barely any 40 gigs, and loads of 160gig Apple TV's in our stores. Maybe they shipped them all down here by mistake ;-)
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    Costco carries the 160gb model. The listed an instant manufacturer's rebate of $50.
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    At least you have a Best Buy and Circuit City to not have it in your town ;)
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    It's nobody's fault but your own that you live in Kentucky. :confused:
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    apple store doesnt even lock the apple tvs up anymore.
    there just on the shelf

    at least they are in chicago.

    maybe order direct from apple? :)
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    Save the money get the 40 GB

    My advice is get the 40 GB

    I have a 160 GB Apple TV and I don't sync to it at all. I stream ALL my content and it's brilliant. The only downside is the short wait (2-5 seconds) prior to the media starting.

    The only reason I could see you'd want to sync all your content to the Apple TV is if you take it off site.

    my 2c:D
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    Found 'em at Fry's.
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    you know. I always forget about Frys being a good place to hit up for mac stuff. I guess it just slips my mind. Im gonna have to make a trip out there today. Just to see what they got.

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