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Why did you pick Black or White for iPhone 5?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ///M Powah, Dec 9, 2012.

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    ///M Powah

    I chose White because I love how the white one is more shinier and it shows less scratches than the black one and I think it stands out more. So why did you pick black or white for your iPhone 5? Do you regret it and want to exchange it for another color?
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    Picked black for two reasons,

    1. In my opinion, the white looks too feminine.
    2. The black one made me think of batman, therefor I had to buy it. Why you ask, I have no idea.
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    ///M Powah

    I just want to know people's opinions and it's just for fun actually...
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    I picked the white because I think it looks more "fancy", and sleek.
    I absolutely love the chrome looking back, and sides.
    I've also only had black iphones in the past so it was time for a change!

    I didn't like the black this time around because to me it looks dull. (not shiny)

    I'm female, but I wouldnt choose the whitely solely because of that.
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    always wanted an all black iPhone (no silver). this is the closest thing to it.

    the white does look good too.
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    The black one looked more sleek and "dangerous."

    The white one looks great though and I would not have complained if I had bought that.
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    I got the black, matches my style.
    Black car, black clothes (always a suit), black sunglasses, black rims, black watch, black gloves, black car interior, black shoes, black belt, black phone, black case on black phone, i could keep going…
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    Black because the slate looks so darn cool. I've always wanted a white iPhone though, I have the opportunity to get a corporate mobile phone and I may use that to get a white iPhone 5.
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    When you're watching movies or video, the black border gives a more "immersive" experience.

    And I didn't like that extra visible sensor in addition to the face time camera.
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    Black because if I picked white it would make me feel insecure about my man hood. :rolleyes:
  11. SnowLeopard OSX, Dec 9, 2012
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    SnowLeopard OSX

    Black = sleek and sophisticated, gives a better cinematic experience when watching movies, more mature (mostly really young people get white Apple products - usually girls, too), black Apple iPhones are the default, don't stand out as much and less vulnerable to being stolen. Also, the white iPhones shows dirt a lot easier than the black iPhones do. I don't really mind the finger print issue on black iPhones because they're easily removable. The dirt that accumulates on the white iPhones are harder to get rid of. At the end of the day, though they are both really great products.
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    Black. In my opinion it looks more sophisticated. You can't go wrong with either color though.
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    Black. It looks like a stealth bomber.
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    White, because I have always had black iPhones and wanted a change.
    Also, my husband got the black so it is easier to tell our phones apart.
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    Black, I love the murdered out look of it. The white is to shiny to much bling.
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    I've never owned a white phone (or iPad or anything else, for that matter), and I was all set to buy the black phone. I read about the possibility of scratches on the black aluminum, and that sort of thing makes me a little nutso, so I started thinking about the white phone. Then when I looked at them in the store, that decided me. Both are pretty phones, but the white and silver is really striking.

    It felt weird for a while looking at a white phone in my hand, but I've gotten rather fond of it. And the kicker, for me, was finally finding my "perfect" case for it. All in all, I am extremely happy with my choice. I don't think I would have chosen white in a larger phone (the white just makes it look bigger), but for the iPhone it's perfect.
  17. jstar002, Dec 9, 2012
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    Don't have an iphone5 yet... Generally I only drive black cars and use black phones; it looks sexier, more powerful, conveys authority and respect. I like to be taken serious perceive a "powerful" image... I LOVE driving a black car; it gets dirty fast but I feel "powerful" driving it, like people take me seriously and give me more respect. It's probably all in my head but as long as it makes me "feel" that way then why not?

    However, from what I've been reading black iphone5 shows scratches faster which is the only reason why I am leaning towards white... however, aesthetically black looks better.

    Look at Presidents and Prime Ministers; do they drive white cars? No, they always get chauffeured in black cars because it looks more "official" and "prestigious". I want to be taken seriously. Nothing looks more powerful than a black Benz or BMW.... However, I don't want a scratched up iphone so I still have to consider white...
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    - the slate finish is amazing(looks like a steath bomber as someone has said)
    - the white is awesome too but it is kind of a fancy, celebrity thing. And I am not into that.
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    I live in the central valley of California where its very hot during the summers. Having a black iphone 4 prior to the 5, it would heat up extremely quick in any direct sunlight. So far the white 5 has been mostly cool to the touch even with direct sunlight on it.
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    white, had black before, wanted a change
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    Actually, I AM into that and what you just wrote made me want the white one even though I generally prefer black.. I like the fancy celeb thing... How is the white one more celeb? Cause Kim Kardashian has one? I've seen her take pics of herself holding the new iphone5 in white... What other celebs have the white one?
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    Johnny Ive and Tim Cook for one thing.
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    I had to google those people... Didn't know who they were... Apple execs... lol
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    I beg to differ.


    On that note, I will be getting a white 5 when I upgrade.
  25. jstar002, Dec 9, 2012
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    The white Mercedes looks great but can you imagine a head of state, President or Prime Minister driving it? Or a billionaire business tycoon? The white Benz is more like something a young yuppie would drive... However, a real powerful person (like the leader of the most powerful country in the world); Can you imagine Obama being chauffeured in a car like that? I don't think so.

    Driving that customized Benz would most likely get you pulled over faster by the cops of anything. It doesn't convey real authority. People are more likely to think that there is someone "important" driving a black S500 that is stock (not lowered or customized).

    The white Benz looks like it belongs to a racer/ricer that got his first high paying job....

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