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Why didn't I think of this?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jrv3034, Jan 15, 2004.

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    that's nothing... a few days ago, somebody decided it would be a good idea to sell a folder for windows... they had 6 positive ratings, and honestly, who can't make a new folder, no matter what os you are in? so somebody signed up, and bid near $15000 for it. the best part was, that in the information, the seller said something like "placing a bid is signing a legal contract, you MUST pay for this if you win".

    of course, ebay closed the auction :(
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    Wow! That's just crazy. Im getting jeaulous now; I wish I had a Burger King ketchup package.:mad:
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    Mr. Anderson

    Look at the bidding history and it doesn't make any sense. I'll be very surprised if he gets the $500+ that was the high bid....weirdness :rolleyes:

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    ...placing my bid now...can't let such a great deal go...:p
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    It seems that there are still altristic individuals willing to help a person down on their luck. Those items aren't even worth the $5 S&H. That is amazing $531 for an items that are essentially free. I believe that if you were bold enough it would require no purchase.

    I hope that this gentleman will be successful in finding a job. Hopefully this will boost his morale enough to be of assistance.
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    good lord, i have a goldmine in my kitchen drawer!
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    ebay does as good as a job as it can of keeping dumb things off,
    i remember several hours after 9/11 people were selling bricks from the building, or when people try to auction off kids or their body parts ...
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    it's been tried, several times, and eBay has always shut them down; i think the party line is that because no material objects, goods, or services are changing hands, it's not a legitimate auction.

    now, if you wanted to try to sell the deed to your soul, you might be able to do that. (remember when bart sold milhouse his soul? ah, good times!)

    here's a question: a few days ago, a package was mis-delivered to my apartment. rather than just return it to the post office, i was wondering if i could sell it, unopened, on eBay as a "mystery item" -- do you think they'd have a problem with that?

    (or maybe i should just get off my lazy ass and walk it over to the post office.)
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    Anybody that would buy that is just sick and onyone who is trying to sell that is just sicker.:rolleyes:
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    Ah the Great eBay items which are really worth nothing...

    Good great stuff.

    "Guide to buying _____(whatever you type in) on eBay" <--- Listed on eBay.

    soo saddd.
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    The really sad thing is, that collection wasn't even that impressive. I was thinking it would be 129 different resteraunt condiments. Boy was I dissapointed when I found out there were duplicates. I could put together a better collection just by cruising the resteraunts within walking distance of my house. For 500 bucks, come on, the guy should put a little more effort in!
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    I would hope that in that case, the only option would be to do the right thing and return it to the Post Office.

    Getting condiments from some fancy resturants, wonder just what that would bring on eBay? The "mystery item" auction should also be very interesting.
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    He says he needs money to buy food, but judging from his collection, I'd say he's going to waste any money from this auction on overpriced crap from fast food joints.

    I spent $20 today at the supermarket and will eat well (and healthy) until at least Monday off it (frozen veggies, cereal, spaghetti & sauce/mozzarella, etc.). At a fast food joint, you'd eat maybe two days with that amount, and you'd eat crap that gives you diarheaa.
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    I still want to have a dutch auction for packing peanuts: list the colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Orders of 100 or more get carefully packed in bubble wrap....:p
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    If he had had Ramen noodle spice packets I might have considered bidding ;).


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