Why .dmg Beta download?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by MBX, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. MBX
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    Hey there

    The Betas used to be up as original installation packages in the Dev center. But ever since like Beta 4 they put it up as .dmg's.

    Slightly annoying as the download is 1.2GB and then you have to copy the package out of the dmg container in order to manually update it as I do.

    Wish they wouldn't do that and revert back to straight installation packages downloads.
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    As far as I know they have always been in .dmg files.
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    .dmgs need to die.
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    If you were getting beta w/o dmg, you weren't getting them from dev center.
  5. MBX
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    Maybe I'm wrong but I could swear Beta3 was not in a .dmg. Or was I dreaming?
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    dmgs are preferred because you can do a checksum before using the ipcc file. I actually had a scare quite a while ago with a corrupted IPSW file..
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    Why don't you just manually update directly from the dmg? It mounts like an external drive so there's no need to copy the package out of the dmg.
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    Perhaps similar reasons as to why pretty much any software installation on a Mac comes as a .dmg file?
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    Yeah, I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet. I've never had to "copy" the ipsw out of the .dmg file.
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    Apple used to distribute the updates as a .zip for Windows users.

    You could access the download by just changing the extension of the link for the .dmg version to .zip.
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    I just use 7zip to extract the ipsw from the DMG on Windows.

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