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Why do people hate on android

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by macbook pro i5, Apr 4, 2012.

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    macbook pro i5

    OK i get this,it is an apple website but people claim issues of the 1.0 and 2.0 android days and keep on repeating them.I have seen plenty of reviews of the galaxy nexus and s2 and android 4.0 looks much better and interesting then IOS,in fact I have gotten to the point where I want to get a galaxy nexus and sell the iphone 4 that I have,but im in a two year contract:(.Now this is not meant to be a troll thread I just wonder have the android bashers actually tried and used Android 4.0?

    EDIT:btw I have never had an android device for more then a day.
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    Why do people hate on android?

    Apparently they have nothing better to do. They feel strongly about something and it is unacceptable to them that everyone else doesn't feel the same way. They label their opinions as nothing but facts and don't seem to understand that the beauty of multiple platforms is that they give choice to the consumer. This description fits the bill for those hating on iOS too.

    Those are my observations and opinions. :)
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    macbook pro i5

    So I guess that makes us two "open minded" consumers;)
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    I don't doubt that people have had bad experiences with Android. In 2010 I had a Captivate and it was awful but Android has come a long way. ICS is a very very good OS. The Galaxy Nexus is the best smart phone I've ever owned and I've had every iPhone that Apple has released and I still have a 4s. Every OS has good and bad things about it but some users on both sides don't see that and they think their opinion is fact. Competition is good for the consumer. iPhone users should hope that Android continues to get better.
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    Thing is, I have had bad experiences with iOS too. The one thing I cannot overlook, myself, is the lack of an ability to install third party programs onto my phone unless they are either accepted by Apple into the Appstore or I am running a hacked version of iOS. To be honest, I am not even sure how Apple has continued to get away with this. Can you imagine if they announced that nothing can be installed onto OSX unless it goes through the Mac App Store? The public outcry would be ridiculous.
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    I like Android, the integration with Google services is fantastic and an obvious extension for many users.

    I do have a few complaints with Android, most of them with the developers behind apps though. Example: Plants vs Zombies, only my favorite game, is not available on ICS (4 months now). That is rediclious, support on iOS is so much faster. We see updates to our apps very quickly after a new release of iOS.
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    macbook pro i5

    Would you recommend a galaxy nexus or galaxy s2? because I dont know if touchwiz makes up for no ice cream sandwich update in NZ right now or should I just get a Gnexus imported? if you reply i will be grateful:)
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    They can do it with iOS because it's always been that way so most people have just accepted it or they jailbreak and fix the problem.
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    Because this is a forum for Apple products
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    I am speaking legality here, moreso than acceptance. The answer to my own question is that laws pertaining to computers don't necessarily overlap into smartphones. They are not labeled as computers, therefore not considered as such. Plenty of our laws are outdated and archaic, needing an overhaul. Laws need to develop and grow with technology rather than trying to jimmy all new technologies to somehow fit into current laws IMO.
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    Maybe for the same reasons people irrationally "hate on" iOS (and Apple products in general).
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    I also have a galaxy s2 skyrocket and I prefer the Galaxy Nexus. I imported mine a few weeks ago and I've never been happier. I haven't had an issue with the reception which is the biggest complaint of the Nexus. I've also never had an app force close. The hardware isn't the best out there but it runs the software better than any other Android phone I've had. I just updated to 4.0.4 and it's very smooth and stable.

    This is why I stick with iOS and the iPad for major mobile gaming. You have a bigger selection of games and great ports of old favorites and they get updated quicker.
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    macbook pro i5

    Well there is gotta be some level headed people on this forum:rolleyes:
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    As a fan of both Apple products and Android phones, I hate seeing so much hate pushed around like this. Honestly I think it's even worse than the old school Mac bashing, only worse because phones for some odd reason are also seen as fashion accessories.

    It is natural that most Android phones have less R&D time (thus, love) put into them; Most android phones are developed as a 'series' and have a unique variant for every carrier in the US, plus a few more variants around the world. There are probably more variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II than there have been models of iPhone produced!

    I'll also agree there are a lot of shoddy 3rd party programs out there. Meebo strikes me as one of those that I've been meaning to get rid of but using anyway (it crashes every time I try to access it from the notification screen!)

    The OS itself? I dunno, my (soon to be 2 year old) G2 can still pull about 2 days of battery life depending on how I use it. It did that with the stock version of 2.2 it came with, and with CM7. Development on the ICS build for that phone (of course, by the community, not by HTC or T-Mobile) has lead to a build I might start using in the next month or so.

    The resale value hasn't been bad either. Yea, it was worth about $200-250 after I got it from T-Mobile for free for being a loyal customer. Surprisingly, it's still worth about $150 on ebay. (holy crap!) The only difference in resale is that $200 I didn't spend.

    It works and it's been really durable. Will I go android again next time around? I might very well. I like how tightly integrated it is with Google Voice & Gmail, and having things like quick dial icons on the home screen is a nice touch (something I haven't seen on iOS or WP7).
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    Anybody who has genuinely used both platforms will say they both have their share of problems. Admitting anything less would do disservice to either camp.
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    It's the platform.

    So many combinations of handsets, OS version and front ends.

    Any combination can give you something different to complain about.

    Even among Android users there is in-fighting about the worst and the best.

    ICS is starting to pull it all together but there a much larger faction that doesn't have it, cannot get it, or their handset won't support it.
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    No idea.

    Competing products should be welcomed with open arms. Companies strive to better their products and the consumers ultimately benefit from competition.

    Android and iOS are both excellent OSes and each have their own pluses and minuses.
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    Android is more or less like the next generation OS of Windows Mobile and even Symbian for the touchscreen era. Think back to what WinMo could do and it could pretty much do alot of what Android could do today. When you look at OSes, they generally look and get used the same since that first release. If ain't broke, don't fix it. Apple and Microsoft are both guilty of this with their desktop and mobile OSes. It took 9 years for Microsoft to really change their mobile OS with WP7. I generally like all OSes. Android is the most Windows-PC like for me when it comes to current OSes. I like that you can really have file manager and sideload apps without a need to root (aka jailbreak). I am typing from an Android phone now and find good ways on using it. I treat it like X-Men where each one has a special power and are great at a specific task.
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    Some used mid or low range devices and got burned so now they hate it. Others are just elitist hive mind idiots. :)
  20. MTI
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    For some, it's the belief that for one to suceed, the other must fail. That belief system props up the human belief that one's selection is ultimately superior to other choices, rendering all other choices "lesser" in a belief system that can only conceive of a single ultimate.

    It's quite common in zealots and fundamentalist. ;)
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    Wirelessly posted

    Kind of like going to a Camaro forum and talking about mustangs
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    People get stuck thinking in terms of winners versus losers, us versus them. For some people, the hate serves to justify the choice they have made (in this case, choosing iOS over Android). Goes every which way and in many areas of life.
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    haters gonna hate.
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    People on here hate Android?:)
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    For the same reason they make these types of threads. To start a pissing contest and flame war.

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