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Why do we still call our school teachers by their last name?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by maclover001, May 25, 2009.

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    Honestly - it's 2009. I'm in grade 10 and I think it's just stupid how we still have to address our teachers by "Mr" or "Mrs".

    Your opinions?
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    shows respect.
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    um respect???

    once you get to college it will be Dr. so and so or Professor so and so

    If i taught hs, i better be addressed formally unless i say otherwise:cool:
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    I think it shows a form of respect. It's not like there is respect anywhere else in High School. This is the least teenagers can do. :rolleyes:
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    Respect, mainly.
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    why don't you think we should address them formally?
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    In India (I went to a private school, called Amity International), we called our teachers either 'mam' or 'sir'. Sometimes, people called the teachers Madame.

    Mainly it was ___ mam (with the ___ being the teachers name).

    Over here, I call my teachers Mr./Mrs. ____

    I don't mind calling teachers that, because it shows respect. If I called a teacher by their first name, it'd be like she/he was equal/less than me, which she/he isn't because she/he's teaching me
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    Demosthenes X

    I tuned out there. Most of what you think is grade ten is self centred, naive, and wrong. Case in point.
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    Respect, and I wouldn't want it changing either.
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    Designer Dale

    Formal naming is an easy way to maintain chain of command without being pushy. When you go to work, you will call your supervisor/boss by Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. until they tell you to "Call me...". I taught Elementary school and never had any of my students call me anything other my formal last name, and never had to mention it. If i were 30 something or younger and teaching High school, I would want my students to call me Mr. just to remind all involved that one is the teacher and the other the student. Teaching is a position of high authority and it is important to maintain separation. If the OP is tired of being called by his first name by someone who he must call by a last name, well, that's just the way things go.

    Mr. Dale...:p
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    Definitely a show of respect, in fact even in Uni it's respectful to address your teacher as "Professor". I think that's the status quo until you reach maybe your Masters/PhD level till you build enough personal rapport with them before addressing them by their first name.

    If you don't mind OP why do you think it's stupid? Is it too formal for you or something?
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    respect will get you far ( in most cases atleast :rolleyes: )
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    yep saw one of my teachers a couple years ago and it was Mr Holden. Not Wayne.
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    I agree with everyone so far.

    It shows respect.

    When you get to college/university, you call your teachers Professor Smith or Doctor Smith. When you have a job, you call your supervisors Mr. Smith or Mrs. Smith or Ms. Smith.
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    I guess those answers make sense. Still just seems so pre-1960 to me.
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    unless they say otherwise

    i for example work with alot of phds and i always said dr such and such. they told me call me "first name"....the dr part is for interviews lol
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    Unfortunately you are correct. Showing respect for one's superior is a thing of the past.
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    that made me chuckle. sad but true
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    Yes, that too. :)

    I worked with very cool PhDs in school, and they insisted everyone call them by their first name. There were only a few who insisted we either use Professor or Doctor when addressing them.
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    I had a teacher in high school, way back in the mid-90s that addressed all his students by Mr. X and Ms. Y. He returned the respect we gave him by calling him Mr. Z by calling us likewise.
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    Teh Don Ditty

    The only time to call your teacher/professor by their first name is when they tell you that it's ok.

    In my experience, the ones that do that are generally pretty cool and easy to converse with.
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    As is the notion that someone is better than you (general you, not you personally ;) ).
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    Familiarity breeds contempt. Last name only for the teacher.
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    these days younger generations have no respect for older people.
    in my school kids call teachers by saying just "miss" or "mister" but at least it has a small form of respect in it.

    i think generations are getting more corrupt year by year.

    addressing your teachers by mr.___ or mrs/ms______ is the least we could do as a corrupt young generation
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    Absolutely true. It's just not older people, it's people in general. Certain youths just don't care about anyone else except themselves, it is quite sad.

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