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Why does LION always re-open old windows

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by FooArk, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Safari always re-opens windows I had open before

    Preview loads every picture I had open before

    Seriously how can I get rid of this?
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    It is called Resume and said to be one of the major new features in Lion, it was the first thing I deactivated.
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    when you restart, theres an option to turn off restoring windows after restart
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    Any way not to have it automatically checked on?
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    I always shutdown by pressing Control + Option + Command + Eject, and it always opens windows again. It drives me crazy, now if I remember I use the long way to reboot but often times I don't remember.
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    I did that and Preview still opens every single picture
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    Hope this helps! Uncheck the box.

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    But why does the OS assume you would want to reopen programs already quit using the Quit function in the Safari menu? Reopening something not fully closed/quit on shutdown makes sense, but I shouldn't have to tell the OS to quit something twice.
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    Instead of using CMD + Q you can use CMD + ALT + Q to quit the program and discard all windows. Either that or just disable Resume altogether.
  12. DaveTheRave, Jul 31, 2011
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    I can see Resume being useful. I still think its confusing to beginners like me that there's an extra step needed to fully quit the program. I hope Apple changes this for people who want resume but also want Quit to mean Quit.
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    this Lion stuff is a scam
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    Is there a way to get it to not reopen all the programs that were open when you log off? I dislike that it asks every time. I should remember the last setting or have an option to not ask every time.
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    Exactly, another setting should be to just disable Resume completely.
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    In a forward looking world I can see where resume is a very effective tool for those of us who are actually doing work in the same apps all day but sometimes shut one down to give processor and ram to another, etc.. and then need to re-open the previous app again. I am going to teach myself to integrate this feature into my workflow instead of whining because it is different than what I am accustomed to.

    Now when I'm surfing pr0n, this crap better stop!!!!!11!!1:rolleyes:

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