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Why does my 30GB have low audio through the TV?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by toughshot, Mar 28, 2008.

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    I have hooked my 30GB iPod video up to my tvs and they all have the same thing, at maximum volume on both the iPod and Television you can barely hear the movie... What is the missing link or how do I fix it so I can actually watch and hear movies?
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    Is Volume Leveling turned on on the iPod?

    I had the same thing when playing it back through my car and that turned out to be it.

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    Where is volume level? I have a Volume Limiter which is at maximum already, but that's it.
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    I have to actually turn up the volume on the ipod too (and the tv).
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    Yea, I have them both at the maximum volume levels but I am still not able to hear the sound very well. You can hear it coming out, but if you sit far away its hopeless.
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    Have you proven that your A/V cable works (has it ever worked)? Mine will not work through my Apple branded ipod dock. I have to plug the a/v cable into the ipod.
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    go to a thrift shop or Di and buy yourself an old stereo, use it to boost the audio volume, whether using speakers with it, or audio out to your tv from the stereo.
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    It works now. I have to do the same thing, iknowyourider. When I plugged it into the ipod instead of the dock it worked great.
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