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Why does my iPod Nano kill all my headphones?!?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Adrianus, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I´ve had the iPod Nano 2nd Gen for about two years now. The standard iPod headphones lasted me a year, but they eventually died of natural causes. I then bought Nike headphones and after a month the left earphone died. I thought nothing of it and went to the store and got my money back. Then i bought some DJ style headphones, and sure enough, my iPod killed them. I noticed the pattern of the left earphone always dying after a month so i tried again with some cheap airplane headphones to make sure and once again, the left earphone died. Ever since then i´ve been using the free airline headphones because i don´t want to sentence to death expensive headphones...

    Why does this happen?
    Is it because they weren´t official iPod Nano Headphones?
    Or is my iPod defect?

    I just got a new iPhone (1st Gen...). Will this happen here too.

    Thanks in advance.:D
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    Scarlet Fever

    take it to an apple store and ask them if its just a strange coincidence. All the iPods ever made take anything with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Your iPhone won't kill the earbuds unless you listen to your music really loud.
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    Have you ever tried cleaning the headphone jack on the Nano? Might be that one of the contacts inside is corroded.
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    No but now you say it i think am going to. Is there some special way to do it?
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    Get a can of compressed air, and try to blow any dirt out of the jack. If this does not work, you could try a small amount of contact cleaner or a drop of denatured alcohol on a small cotton-swab with most of the cotton removed, and gently clean the jack.
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    Hi Adrianus
    Any luck in sorting out your problem?
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    Hi gjw4u
    I've been traveling the last few days so have had no chance to work on it yet. There's two tests i need to do:
    Try iPod headphones with my iPod nano and try normal headphones with my iPhone. That way i know if it's a defect or if it happens with all iPods.

    I think i will clean the headphone jack on the iPod though.

    Thanks for concern! Have you had a similar problem?
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    Hi Adrianus

    Years ago I had the problem of earphone not working on my Walkman. The compressed air did not work, but the Q-Tips solved the problem.

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