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Why does the 64GB SSD cost $1000?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by JTag, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Sorry to be the dumb one here but...

    Here is what I figure:
    32GB iPod Touch = $500... so 2 x 32GB iPod Touch (64GB of flash memory total) = $1000

    So why does Apple not put two 32GB of flash memory (from the Touch) into the MBA? It would certainly cost less than $1000 because they do not need to include the iPod Touch hardware. I know that the iPod Touch and MBA do not use the same type of flash memory, but why doesn't Apple put the flash memory used in the Touch in the MBA?
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    Just pay the grand

    Value man!! Value!

    Mac's rule!!!!
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    Its actually a good deal. Newegg sells 64 gb SSD for about $1500.00, the 128 GB goes for about $3000.00.
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    Apple is selling the SSD at cost (wholesale).
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    Some enterprising young lad should buy a few MBAs with SSDs. Then, replace the SSDs with hard drives. Then sell the reconfigured MBAs at the current retail price and sell the SSDs at retail and pocket a few hundred dollars. Wash, rinse, and repeat, until you have a "free" MBA. What do the 80GB HDs retail for? You might get there after 10-12 machines.
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    After the benchmarks from Ars, I have no idea why. At best it matched the battery life of the HDD. Which is a lame 2.75 hrs roughly. It also is no fatser in real world tasks that a 4200rpm iPod drive. Ironically people stress the fact that it doesn't crash. I have owned like 7 or 8 laptops in my 27 years, and not 1 of my HD 's crashed.
    Hey, if you slam your Macbook Air down to the ground though, technically it should still work (The SSD).

    Not convinced.
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    Eric Lewis

    why can i get a 8gb flash drive for like 30bucks?

    so 8gb x 8 = 6gb

    8 X 30 = 240?

    so it should be 240..they ripped us off
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    Flash drive and SSD are two different things. If they were the same thing we'd be using flash drives by default for years in our computers.
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    At my local apple store I set up the 17 inch macbook pro next to the SSD macbook air. The air was opening applications much much faster than the pro. SSD makes a difference.
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    Eric Lewis

    whats the difference? both are flash
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    I see two factors in the price:

    Whenever you shop memory there come a point where double the memory costs more than double the price. A 32 GB SSD could be less than $500 but would be next to useless in a laptop.

    Also quantity pricing. Apple buys the bare chips in bulk and sells millions of iPods. In the SSD drive case, Apple is paying (Samsung?) for an already assembled drive (Samsung makes a profit too) and they quantities are probably a LOT lower.

    SSDs are in their infancy right now. Within a year there will be BIG drops in price as the quantities sold rise.
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    there is a difference between the flash drives of the ipods/thumb drives and the SSD that the macbook air uses.

    the SSD drive will have faster read/write times, along with more reliability and a different interface than that of the flash you see all over the place.

    basically the SSD is the newest tech with the best performance in its class so it costs big bucks.

    flash is in everything and being bought big time, thus being so cheap.
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    Yup, SSD is built to replace a HDD. Way different manufacturing than flash memory in an ipod.
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    Can you show me where you can buy a 8gb flash drive for 30bucks...thanks
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    Eric Lewis

    best buy employee discount...thats it
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    The ignorance in this thread is suffocating.
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    Write speed and density.
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    I don't see a difference, one 64gb ssd, or 2x32gb ssd from the touch both equal $1000.
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    HDD vs SSD - QuickBench results

    I just posted extensive test results of random and sequential read/write tests using block sizes from 4KB to 100MB:

    BOTTOMLINE: The SSD does small random read/write faster than any existing notebook drive. That's why it boots fast, launches fasts, wakes fast, and does virtual memory efficiently.
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    The RAM in an iPod Touch or an iPhone is NOT an SSD. It's not the same in terms of read/write speed or number of writes before the memory fails. Saying that they are the same thing is like saying that kerosene and aviation fuel are the same thing... sure, they both burn and you can drive an engine with them, but they don't burn the same and they don't deliver equal amounts of power per gallon. An SSD is qualitatively superior to the Flash memory in a thumbdrive or iPod Touch in virtually every way, and therefore it costs more per gigabyte.
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    you can get a 8 gig for like $30... at walmart..
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    Perhaps, but (again) this is a pointless comparison.

    Flash memory such as that found in thumbdrives, iPod Touches, and iPhones is NOT THE SAME as the memory in an SSD. You're comparing a WW I Sopwith Camel to an F-22 Raptor; they're both airplanes, but one is superior to the other and costs more as a result.

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