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Why does the app store not push updates

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by gazzzmoly, Jun 21, 2009.

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    I have been thinking for weeks that the app store would support push for updates. But it doesn't, that to me would have seemed lime the most logical first implementation. What are your thoughts ?

    Also I noticed the other day that instead of the updates button at the bottom I had more. ...... And when enters I had a redeem code Nd update. Now it seems to have gone back to just update. Weired !
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    The problem with that if you mean push the acutal update and not a notification about an available update is bandwith.
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    Also nothing like pushing a bad update to people.
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    I agree. The App Store should send Push Notifications.
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    I agree, he'll let people choose if they even want to get an alert but for me a counter on thr app itself would be enough. This seems like a no brainer and would have stopped people from wondering "how do I turn push on, I don't see it in Settings."

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    You will only see PUSH in settings when you have an App that supports it!
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    I think you've missed the point.

    I had also assumed that App update notifications would be the first thing to be pushed. Don't understand why they're not.
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    It would probably place a heavy load on the servers sending out push notifications to the millions of users out there. It seems like Apple is being very conservative with it so far.
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    Its an amusing one but i've found with the test 3g i've been trialing that maybe a push notification would be better than what the device does know.

    But someone really needs to explain push notification to me...

    Do i pay for the data used to send it:confused:
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    Did you read my post at all?

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