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Why does the MacBook air have a silver bezel?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tigert07, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. tigert07, Jun 21, 2012
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    Just a honest question, I love the black bezel on the macbook pros. Why is the the air different?
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    Lacks the sheet of glass in front of the LCD panel.
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    Apple solved that problem in retina macbook. So, we might see black bezel in mbair soon.
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    So that it can weigh less and be thinner?

    I'd prefer a black bezel too.
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    Yes, tinner, lighter and much less glare.

    RMBP - "Rather than sandwich an LCD panel between a back case and a piece of glass in front, Apple used the aluminum case itself as the frame for the LCD panel and used the LCD as the front glass"
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    I hate the black bezel. Silver looks so much cleaner. I'd prefer a silver keyboard as well.
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    I like the black bezel better as well, but after a few days with the MBA it is starting to grow on me. The black does just seem like a dark extension of the screen, whereas the silver seems like something is there instead of nothing.

    It also seems like the Retina got a slightly smaller bezel, but maybe not. They did take the "MacBook Pro" off the bezel on the Retina.
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    I find the silver bezel to be distracting at times, wish it had a black painted bezel instead.
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    I think the bigger question is "Why is there ANY bezel on MacBooks".

    If you look at PC laptops then they haven't had bezels this big since the 90's, yet with Apple then we just accept that "this is how it should be" or make up excuses for why "the air is so thin it simply couldnt be bezel free" and thats a shame because if you look at a bezel free MacBook then this looks pretty nice.

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    ^Agreed. My Powerbook has a smaller bezel than the MBP and MBA. Lol, sad...
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    Personally, I think the bezel helps with opening and closing the Air. No smudgy fingerprints on the screen.
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    Jony Ive has plenty of experience with thin bezels.


    The problem with thin bezels on laptops is that they compromise the structural rigidity of the lid construction. Accidentally cracking a screen because you were rough opening or closing it is a common problem on laptops with thin bezels.

    Additionally, Apple can use the space for the iSight camera, wifi and Bluetooth antennas, etc.
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    I think Because it is so thin and small(11" and 13") apple need more space to house the battery and cpu etc,.
    Your photoshop is wrong, the screensize should be the same.
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    Less weight, thinner and distinguishes it at a glance from the "pro" line.

    i suspect it may also be to do with structural integrity, using glass there may crack due to potential flex/drop if they got rid of the aluminium to make space for it.


    Uh... every pc laptop i've ever used has a bezel (not really much smaller if at all), including the 2 HP elitebooks and recent Dell E series latitude i have on my desk right now.

    What laptops have YOU been using?
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    Wow. Who knew there was such a strong "Bezel Advocacy" group out here. Anyway, apologies to all for hoping Apple would give us more screen space.

    Lets hope 2013 is The Year of the Bezel.
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    I like the silver bezel, I've gotten used to it on my AG MBP and I kinda like it now. Gives the machine a sort of zen-like oneness, if you like.
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    If they keep the resolution the same, that's one way to get a Retina screen on an MBA.

    I suppose you don't like this bezel either???

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    What, so they have a battery and a cpu in the screen?
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    How can the top part smaller the bottom base?
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    I do, too. Sometimes I'll be typing an email and it's like I black out and stop typing because I've been staring at the bezel. It's just hypnotizing. :rolleyes:
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    If you reduce the bezel by cutting off some of the width of the lid, you have to cut the width of the body, which reduces the space for battery/electronics.
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    Orange Furball

    I think you are confused?

    The CPU and motherboard and ram and ssd and battery etc. are kept in the bottom. That is why the bottom is larger than the top. The top is only the screen and webcam.

    I think that should clear things up :thumbup:
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    Orange Furball

    Not if you increase the screen size. Same form factor with slightly larger display.

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