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why dont all my ripped dvds work?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by idkwhattoputlol, Dec 27, 2005.

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    ok, ive got a powerbook and the 5g video ipod. i downloaded handbrake, and have ripped several dvds. they all went to the .mp4 format and they all look fine in iTunes. however, when i dragged the videos to the ipod icon, only some of them transfered. the ones that didn't included all the shows of a tv season i have on dvd, and two rented dvds (maybe they have some kind of lock?) but ya, why wont some of them work if theyre all the proper format?
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    Did you read and follow the sticky? That contains some good information that might help you out.
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    i read through the whole sticky, but it doesnt seem to have a solution. does anyone know why after successfully ripping and playing dvds on iTunes only some of them transfer to the actual iPod?
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    Have you tried converting them into a different file format and then moving them to the iPod? I have zero experience with the iPod videos - do they support .avi or other formats besides .mp4?

    Have you tried dragging and dropping one at a time? Do you get any error messages or sounds (aside from personal screams of outrage and anger of course)?
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    Are you sure they are encoding correctly and are inside the parameters that the iPod accepts? Maybe you encoded those ones with the wrong settings accidentally?
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    Ctrl/right click on the iPod in the source list and choose "Reset warnings". Next time you sync iTunes should inform you why certain songs/videos etc are not being transferred to iPod.

    It could just be that you don't have enough space left...
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    I can't help out much, but I had the exact same problem when I first got my iPod w/vid. It seems I was using the H-264 option for video, in handbrake, not the regular MPEG-4 option.

    I re-encoded some vids with the MPEG-4 option selected and it transferred perfectly.
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    Thanks for that, I don't need help for this topic, but that is great advice to give others! ;)

    Nice job!
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    Cheers - personally I think it's bad UI design to have an option hidden away like that in a contextual menu... grrr...
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    You know this is illegal... right? For that reason I think it against forum rules.
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    Melvin Furd

    Isn't this the same as purchasing a CD and putting it on your itunes. If you are purchase and DVD and rip it onto your computer, its the same thing. Your purchase the licensing agreement.

    As long as you don't distribute and its for your personal use.
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    A bit dubious if it's from a rented DVD though...
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    Yeah I think he is referring to the 'two rented dvds', in which case it would be a no no. Unless he means they were purchased from a rental place used, though it doesn't sound like that was what he meant.
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    All legal issues aside, Im pretty sure its somthing you did or didnt do to these vids. Every handbrake rip ive done has worked beautifully. Check your video encoding, sound encoding and pixel threshold every time. The thing most people overlook is that the normal tv 640x480 ratio doesnt work with the ipod and seeing that your tv shows didnt work ill bet thats the problem. Too many pixels, 640 X 480 = 307,200 pixels. You cant exceed 230,400 pixels. Ironically a widescreen movie at 720x320 will be fine as it equalls 230,400 pixels. Check your ratios and ill bet thats the issue.
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    okay, i definitely think the pixel size is the issue, because i just checked out a spiderman dvd i ripped w/ handbrake, and the output size was 720x400, so ill just lower that n im all set. thanks a lot. btw, is their an average fullscreen size as well?
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    Actually, anytime you break an encryption on a DVD it is against the law. By copying the DVD to your HDD, you are breaking that encryption. If it was legal, you'd be able to copy it through iTunes, just like with Music CD's.

    But for the most part, I was referring to the rented DVD's.
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    Nope - AVIs are not suppported. To watch AVIs on your iPod you need a conversion tool such as iSquint (which I highly recommend by the way.) :cool:
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    I believe "FREENY" is correct. When you ripped it in "handbrake", did you change the aspect ratio in "picture settings"? If you did or did not, I believe it needs to be under 480 (aspect ratio) or the iPod won't play it.


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